SWAB talks with… Joina Canyet

“I am art. I am Barcelona. I am Swab” is a series of interviews with relevant people of the Barcelona creative environment, whose aim is to enhance the cultural network of the city.

Today we talk to Joina Canyet, an artist hard to box in one music genre.

I am Joina Canyet. I am art. I am Barcelona. I am Swab.

A word that describes Barcelona?

Is your place of creation, the studio, inspired by your city?
Yes, Barcelona has inspired me a lot during the six years I’ve lived there. During the university stage, at Esmuc, I was able to be immersed in a lot of cultural activities, concerts, theater, cinema… new ways of seeing and approaching art and a lot of brilliant and inspiring people. Barcelona is a city full of culture and very very good musicians.

If Barcelona was an art work, what would you name it?
Sweet introduction to chaos.

A place in the city that connects you with art?
The Palau de la música.

A message to young creatives?
Creativity is in us from the day we are born, it is essential and permanent and it is what makes us feel alive and unique. I would tell everyone in the world not to stop cultivating it because it is one of the most beautiful and revolutionary things that exist.

S W A B   W I T H   U S . . .

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JOINA Canyet (Biure, 1996) is an artist hard to classify in a single music genre. She begins to enter the world of classical music with the piano as her main instrument and finishes her studies at the ESMUC in the specialty of classical piano performance.
The summer of 2017, she stays in Paris where she gets to know more deeply the modern and urban musical world that is present in France. There, she finds an ideal space to write poetry in the form of rap. It is at that time that she starts to create the project “Companyes”. This first album is released in November 2018 and the tour ends in September 2020, receiving very good reviews from the press and programmers.
After COMPANYES, an album of with a critical perspective, feminist and vindictive, the need arises to turn inward and she goes into the search for her “own refuge”. At this moment, the new album, ÓRBITA 9.18 was born and premiered in Barcelona on February 13, 2021.