The Video Box program at Swab Barcelona, in collaboration with SafeCreative, presented a compelling exploration of contemporary video art from Southeast Asia under the theme “HOME/LAND: Recent Moving Images from Southeast Asia.” Curated by Alfonse Chiu, the programme delved into the intricate interplay between land, body, and capital, offering snapshots of the region’s evolving relationship with nature, society, and the universe. SafeCreative’s involvement as a collaborator was instrumental in ensuring that the digital content showcased in the exhibition received proper copyright protection and management. This partnership undoubtedly played a vital role in safeguarding the intellectual property of the artists and facilitating the seamless presentation of their works to a global audience, enriching the overall experience for both artists and viewers alike.

The programme  involved the presentation of video artworks by the eight featured artists and their video art installations with an immersive experience for viewers. 


Premiere at Sala Zumzeig: Unveiling ‘HOME/LAND’ with Alfonse Chiu

We’re thrilled to share that Alfonse Chiu, the curator behind Video Box, introduced the captivating program ‘HOME/LAND’ at the esteemed Zumzeig hall, just ahead of the fair’s much-anticipated opening. The event was marked by a mesmerizing projection of four short films, offering a exciting preview into the works of the eight participating artists set to grace Swab. Here’s a sneak peek at the cinematic journey:

  • ‘The Story of Ones’ (2011) by Phạm Ngọc Lân, Vietnam (10 minutes).
  • ‘Saudade’ (2019) by Russell Morton, Singapore (21 minutes).
  • ‘Mouthbreather’ (2023) by Tiyan Baker, a collaborative effort from Australia and Malaysia (13 minutes).
  • ‘Terpesona dengan Kegelisahan’ (2022) by Nadiah Bamadhaj, Malaysia (16-minutes).

Following this exclusive screening, a dynamic Q&A session unfolded with the curator Alfonse Chiu, moderated by Álvaro Gurrea, a Catalan director who has created audiovisual projects at Southeast Asia

Roundtable Conversation with Safecreative

Tune in to our latest roundtable conversation dedicated to Video Box thanks to artsuper who managed Swab Radio, a series of though focused round tables. In open dialogues, new perspectives on contemporary art and its challenges emerged, enriching our understanding of a complex and fascinating landscape.



We explored Southeast Asian art dynamics, focusing on new digital art formats and the integration of artificial intelligence. We investigate how these innovations can fill gaps in traditional resources and expand artistic expression in challenging contexts.

Participants: Safecreative & Alfonse Chiu


We discussed how new technologies can be used in the challenges we face, both in the face of traditional plagiarism, as well as with everything related to Artificial Intelligences. From protecting the creative process, to how artists deal with artificial intelligences, from the perspective of threat as much as another creative tool.

Since a few months ago, Generative Artificial Intelligences based on massive learning models have become the most used and popular applications. AIs are not really new issues, but their openness to the general public has led to them being talked about for two main reasons, although there are more issues to be taken into account:
The use that the companies exploiting these systems make of third-party works so that their algorithms learn to mimic human technical artistic ability, and to what extent these tools will become part of the creative process of the artists themselves.

When an AI can easily emulate an artistic style or imitate famous paintings or photographs, it raises questions about the value of human intervention in the creation of the work, the possibility that rights are being infringed, and how artists can prepare for this revolution.

At Safe Creative we are always on the lookout for new technologies; we have been offering technological solutions to the challenges that technology introduces for more than 15 years. We will discuss what AI means for creators and how digital evidence and records can provide solutions to the challenges they face.

Participants: Mario Pena. Safecreative



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