Swab Kids 2022

Every year Swab dedicates an area of the fair to the youngest art lovers. Swab Kids is a program for children to experience their creative side and enjoy the fair as much as adults. In this edition, Los Superpoderes del Arte (LSDA) and Posca bring life to the children’s stand offering workshops and fun activities.

Posca, as an official sponsor of the Swab Kids 2022 program, offers a space to bring artistic practice to the little ones, where they can color, imagine, dream and be inspired by the art of their markers, the artist Titeetex and LSDA, a Barcelona gallery dedicated to children’s audiences. 


Together they propose the creation of a “post it” board that represents the union of the individual work of each of the participating children: a “whole” thanks to collaboration and a common final goal. This large colorful board covers the walls of the stand and will serve to represent this union.

Throughout the fair, children will be offered artistic activities related to post it and Posca markers so that they can represent whatever their imagination/creativity/inner desire suggests to them. They will be able to express their creativity on small pieces of paper that will then be glued to the blackboard to create a colorful effect among all of them.

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Parallel to this section of the fair, a meeting between fathers and mothers artists has been scheduled. This meeting will serve as a space for reflection and open conversation on the reconciliation of motherhood / fatherhood and artistic practice.


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