Espacio Enhorabuena

Swab 2023 presented last October, the programme Focus LATAM, curated by Santiago Gasquet, co-director of PIEDRAS (Buenos Aires), a platform for the exchange of management projects dedicated to showing recent productions by Latin American artists. 

The section brought together six spaces from the cities of Lima, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Salta and Madrid, focusing on the richness of the different ways of carrying out models of representation and promotion of young artists in each context.


Bloc Art, Lima

Collectio, Santiago de Chile

Espacio Enhorabuena, Madrid

Galeria Grasa, Buenos Aires

Now Gallery, Lima

Remota Galería, Salta

Swabimg4924liza Prykhodko


Swabimg2918liza Prykhodko

Galería Remota

The selected galleries presented the following artists:

Bloc Gallery: Verónica Cerna and Verónica Penagos.
Collectio: Isidora Villarino and José Cori.
Espacio Enhorabuena: Venuca Evanán and Iosu Aramburu.
Galeria Grasa: Antonella Agesta and Amparo Viau
“NOW: Gallery”: Marisol Nj and Ananú Gonzales Posada
Remote gallery: Roxana Ramos and Ivana Salfity

Proposals that testify to the effervescent Latin American art scene.

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Galería Grasa



Swab Radio – Focus LATAM

Tune in to the Focus LATAM by artsuper, who managed Swab Radio, creating a series of thought-focused roundtables and open dialogues, where new perspectives on contemporary art and its challenges emerged.

Ekran Resmi 2023 11 13 134914


We explore the internal evolution of the Latin American contemporary art scene: dominant themes and changes. We analyse its connection to national and European markets, revealing the dynamics that influence its transformation and global interaction.

Participants: José Luis Lorenzo (Private collector from Buenos Aires), Collectio & Santiago Gasquet.