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Swab Barcelona inaugurates the Swab Friends and Besties program, for those who like us believe in the importance of supporting contemporary art and its new exponents.

Since its beginning, the fair has been committed to emerging talent, creating opportunities for galleries, artists and young curators to access and grow within the art market. Now you too can support our mission to promote new talent and bring the contemporary art world to the general public.

Become a member and be part of the #SwabFriends club 🙂



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Write to vip@swab.es to become a member.
Swab Friend of Swab Card: 130 € *

If you want to strengthen your relationship with emerging art: Welcome, Swabber!

Thanks to engaged people like you, Swab generates a patronage relationship that enhances careers and opens the market to new artists in the contemporary art scene.

“Yes, I do” is a statement of intent that supports the growth of new voices in contemporary art and encourages the initiation of collecting. To this end, Swab offers all members of the Swab Friends club personalized advice when acquiring a work of art at the fair.

Membership includes:

Start Collecting personalized advice
• Reproduction of artwork by artist Olympia Velasco,
Swab Illustration Award 2014
VIP access for 2 to the fair
• Swab welcome tote bag


Eneldeseo15 204x300 1



Olimpia Velasco
En el deseo nº 15, 2011. 
Silkscreen, numbered edition of 300.
35×25 cm.




Swab Web Besties 60 3
Write to vip@swab.es to become a member.
Swab Friend of Swab Card: 70 € *

If you are a young contemporary art lover, between 25 and 40 years old, and eager to explore new voices in contemporary art, while supporting young people like you, this is your moment!

By becoming a Swab Bestie, you will support the participation of emerging artists and gallerists who are starting their fair career at Swab Barcelona, the scholarship exhibitors of the My First Art Fair program.

At Swab Barcelona we believe that there is no better formula than “young supporting young” to generate a dialogue that works as a starting point to grow together.

For this reason, Swab is giving all Swab Bestie club members the opportunity to attend a personal meeting with the gallerists and artists who have supported MYFAF with their donation.

Membership includes:

• YoungSupportsYoung: Meet & greet program MYFAF
Invitation to the official opening + day pass**
• Swab welcome tote bag

**Day pass: You can choose a day between Thursday and Sunday.

*Once the payment has been made, Swab Barcelona will issue the corresponding donation certificate, in order to enjoy the applicable tax benefits.