Gathering diverse experts to explore shared themes.

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Through focused round tables, we shed light on this dynamic. Artists, collectors, gallerists and curators will examine their relationship on common themes, revealing the nuances of connection and friction between these seemingly separate but interconnected worlds. In open dialogue, new perspectives on contemporary art and its challenges emerge, enriching our understanding of a complex and fascinating landscape.


Swab Radio’s “Focus Latam” programme explores the internal dynamics of the Latin American contemporary art scene, exploring its dominant themes and changes, as well as examining its connection to national and European markets. Through the participation of José Luis Lorenzo, Collectio & Santiago Gasquet, the challenges faced by the Latin American region in the international art scene are addressed, seeking to understand what is pursued in managing gallery and exhibition projects with an emerging focus in the region, and exploring the challenges that must be faced throughout the process, taking into account the specific conditions.

In addition, it reflects on the opportunities that the diverse landscape and spirit of Latin America can generate. It delves into the intentions of the “Focus Latam” programme of the 16th edition of Swab, exploring the existence of a unified discourse. It also looks at the evolving role of art galleries in Latin America in supporting emerging artists and examines the role played by digital tools in this process.

Participants: José Luis Lorenzo, Collectio & Santiago Gasquet
Date: Oct 6th, 2023

The roundtable was in Spanish


Swab Radio’s “Swab Video Box” program features insights with Safecreatve and Alfonse Chiu on new digital art formats and the integration of artificial intelligence within the creative process. Delving deep into the conversation, they address the intricate issue of intellectual property in the digital art and AI collaboration landscape, exploring how copyright management becomes more complex when artists collaborate with various stakeholders. They shed light on the strategies and mechanisms that facilitate the protection of artistic rights in this evolving space.

As they navigate through conversations, our guests unravel the contemporary art market in Southeast Asia. They explore the role of cultural institutions and art galleries in promoting Southeast Asian contemporary art globally. Additionally, they delve into the evolving relationship between the digitally dedicated art world and the art collecting scene, examining the interconnected dynamics that shape the region’s artistic landscape.

Participants: Safecreatve & Alfonse Chiu
Date: Oct 7th, 2023

The roundtable was in English


In Swab Radio’s “Mediterranean” programme, Genís de Diego and Carla Gimeno Jaria delve, from their perspective as curators, into the crucial role they play in the interpretation and promotion of creative voices in the Mediterranean art scene. Based on their experience and analysis of the “Solo Show” programme of the 16th edition of Swab, curated by Carla and Margot Cuevas, where they address issues of territorial identity and implement new forms of interaction in emerging independent spaces, they investigate the possible promotion of collaborative processes beyond the individualisation imposed by capitalism and artistic trends.

Throughout the dialogue, the figure of the curator is discussed in relation to the new needs of art, exploring cultural influences, local contexts and the presence of spaces for young artists. The relations of the curator with the global and digital environment are analysed, investigating whether social networks act as platforms of inclusion or isolation and delving into the feelings that networks generate, questioning whether presence is still essential in artistic practice.

Participants: Genis de Diego & Carla Gimeno Jaria
Date: Oct 7, 2023

This roundtable was in Spanish



In Swab Radio’s “Local Horitzons” programme, we invite you to explore various aspects of the art market in the digital age and globalisation, from a perspective rooted in the local context, with two prominent Spanish galleries, ArtNueve and ADN Galería, as well as collector Manuel Expósito.

Through a series of questions, these guests explore how local artists’ influences are reflected in this context, and how galleries deal with the complex issues of cultural diversity and geographical influence in an international market. From their perspectives, they analyse the diverse needs present in every aspect of the art market, as well as the challenges that arise.The impact of the digital age and globalisation on artists becomes a central theme, exploring how these forces influence their creativity and production capacity. In addition, participants also reflect on the impact of digitisation on collectors, considering whether it is simply an overwhelming database or a valuable tool for gaining knowledge.

Participants: Artnueve, Manuel Expósito & ADN
Date: Oct 8, 2023

This roundtable was in Spanish


In Swab Radio’s “MyFAF + SEED” programme, national galleries, such as Galerie Fermay and European galleries, such as Kunsthalle.ost (Amsterdam) & Bold Gallery (Prague), share their views on the promotion of emerging spaces and the need to boost local artists by exhibiting their work internationally. Through a shared dialogue, they will discover the advantages of international exhibitions and how visibility and connections boost the growth of a gallery and the consequent impulse of the artists they represent. In this talk, you will gain insight into how new independent spaces navigate this environment and what challenges they face.

In this sense, galleries are redefined as more than mere commercial spaces: they are bridges that connect, educational environments and platforms that foster artistic growth. In addition, a fundamental question is addressed: how these young, independent spaces can get started in the art market and how programmes such as “MyFAF and SEED” at the 16th edition of Swab, offer them valuable resources for inclusion in the fair circuit. Join us as our guests address the challenges of galleries presenting experimental artists, highlighting the importance of visibility, deeper communication with artists and the creation of environments and programmes such as “MyFAF and SEED” that stimulate artistic growth and act as platforms for the education of society.


Participants: Galeria Fermay, Kunsthalle.ost & Bold Gallery
Date: 8 Oct, 2023

This roundtable was in English


The Swab Radio’s conversation with Mario Pena from Safe Creative explore the fascinating intersection of new technologies and contemporary challenges in the creative landscape. from traditional plagiarism to the world of Artificial Intelligence, our discussion takes you on a journey into the intricacies of safeguarding the creative process.

In recent, Artificial Intelligence has garnered significant attention. These applications, now accessible to the general public, prompt critical inquiries on two fronts. Firstly, there’s the issue of companies employing third-party works to instruct algorithms in replicating human artistic abilities. Secondly, there’s the incorporation of these tools directly into the artistic process. As AI effortlessly emulates artistic styles and replicates renowned works, the conversation explores the profound questions surrounding the role of human creativity, concerns about right, and the necessary preparations artists must undertake amidst this technological revolution.

Join us in this insightful dialogue as we navigate the technological landscape with Safe Creative, drawing on over 15 years of expertise in providing solutions to the challenges posed by evolving technology. Together, we uncover the implications of AI for creators and how digital evidence and records can be key solutions in this dynamic artistic landscape.

Participants: Mario Pena. Safecreative
Date: Oct 6, 2023

This roundtable was in English