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SWAB Barcelona – Video Box 2022


This year El Salvador takes over the Video Box program, which has established itself as the video art section of the fair. This program, entitled “Entangled/Entretegidos”, will be carried out by Y.ES Contemporary, curated by Omar Lopez-Chahoud and Patricio Majano.

Entangled/Entretejidos is a project that presents videos that address the different ways in which artists connect to their identity as Salvadorans. The notions that exist around this identity are complex, partly because they derive from diverse sources, including the heritage of native peoples, a colonial past, a civil war, and mass migration. The history of each individual constitutes a node that exists in this complex web. Identity is thus the fabric that has been created by weaving together unique threads, that is, all the heterogeneous experiences that can be understood as Salvadoran.

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Monólogo brevísimo, Víctor Hugo Portillo

Entangled/Entretejidos reflects and problematizes these concepts of identity related to the idea of the Mother Country and linked to migration. At the same time, the project starts from plurality to consider identity as something malleable and fluid, not limited to a specific region. Through the experiences of Salvadoran people, it seeks to address an issue that is of global relevance and that finds parallels in many other regions.

If you are a Salvadoran artist and are interested in participating, contact for information on how to apply.

About Y.ES Contemporary
Y.ES Contemporary creates opportunities for outstanding contemporary Salvadoran artists to enhance their artistic practice and interact with other artists, curators, collectors, gallery owners and the media inside and outside of El Salvador. Y.ES Contemporary is an initiative of the Robert S. Wennett and Mario Cader-Frech Foundation.

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Omar Lopez-Chahoud
International Director of Y.ES Contemporary
Patricio Majano
Patricio Majano
Programming Director of Y.ES Contemporary


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