Swab Thinks 2022


Curated by Gisela Chillida, art critic and independent curator.

Swab Thinks is a program of talks in online format open to the public that seeks to create a space for dialogue to unravel the transformations of the contemporary art world.

This year, we would like to propose a reflection on the concept of “Endurance”. Beyond the meaning of the term “endurance” in English, it is a nod to the homonymous ship that was found in March of this year after a long search. It is the ship that for months tried to complete the route to the South Pole, led by Shackleton. We find, then, a double search, that of 1915 and that of 2022; the first failed, the second, successful; the first, (almost) as a tragedy, the second, (almost) as a farce. That ship and that endeavor would have a perfect correlation with the art world. Because of our incessant search, our preference for impossible adventures through the ice, for opening worlds until they collapse, for going against all odds, for enduring the freezing temperatures…


With the help of Y.ES Contemporary, in this panel we focus on the artistic reality of El Salvador to address the different ways by which artists El Salvador to address the different ways in which artists link to their identity as Salvadorans. Their identity as Salvadorans. The notions that exist around this identity are complex identity are complex, in part because they derive from a variety of sources, including the heritage of the original peoples heritage of native peoples, a colonial past, a civil war, and mass migration. This year, El Salvador is organizing the Video Box program, which is establishing itself in the fair as the video art section.

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Talk in Spanish

Monday 12 September 2022 – 19.00h

Speakers: Patricio Majano, Director of Programming Y.ES Contemporary Internacional Omar Lopez-Chahoud Director of Y.ES Contemporary

Mediator: Gisela Chillida, art and independent curator


As every year, Swab presents a special geographically localized program, and this year 2022 puts the spotlight on the Mediterranean. A selection of emerging galleries from this context will present the freshest proposals defining the art scene of their context.

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Talk in English

Tuesday 6 September 2022 – 19.00h

Speakerss: To be confirm

Mediator: Xavier de Luca, coordinador of Jiser Reflexions Mediterrànies


For this edition, Swab Seed joins the Fundació Vila Casas, which sponsors the participation of four Catalan independent spaces. In this panel we address the new models of art and artist management. From the roles of the artist, the curator and the manager we question which models are increasingly recurrent to see in this field.

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Talk in Spanish

Monday 5 September – 19.00h


Spaces sponsored by Fundació Vila Casas:

Dràcul-la, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

Halfhouse, Barcelona

Pas une Orange, Barcelona

Tangent Projects, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

Natalia Chocarro. Art Director Fundació Vila Casas.

Mediator: Gisela Chillida, art and independent curator


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Talk in Spanish

Wednesday 7 September – 19h.00h


Santiago Gasquet, curator Emerging LATAM (Swab) and director Espacio Piedras (Buenos Aires)

Carolina Díez-Cascón, Swab on Paper curator

Margot Cuevas, Swab Ephemeral curator

Mediator: Gisela Chillida, art and independent curator


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Talk in Spanish

Tuesday 13 September – 19.00h

Information coming soon


Talk about collecting today. On the fiftieth anniversary of John Berger’s Ways of Seeing, we borrow the title of his famous essay and TV show in a clear homage. Just as Berger wanted to bring the world of art to the general public, we intend to bring collecting closer. In this panel we bring together collectors of different profiles to talk about the present and future of collecting.

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Talk in Spanish

Wednesday September 14 – 19.00h


Marie Elena Angulo, a lawyer specialized in corporate finance. She is patron of the Contemporary Art Society of London and founding patron of The Drawing Room

Joaquín Diez-Cascón, architect and collector, is also director/founder of the Swab art fair

José Luis Lorenzo, architect. President of the Friends of the Caraffa Museum Association and member of the Latin American Art Acquisitions Committee of the Tate Modern, London

Mediator: Gisela Chillida, art and independent curator