Founder and director of ART-O-RAMA, a contemporary art fair in Marseille. His trajectory includes working at the Roger Pailhas gallery and the organization of Art Dealers, the art fair created by Roger Pailhas.

What were the highlights from Swab 2023?

Without a doubt, the standout features were the new venue and layout. They were both highly praised by exhibitors and attendees, marking a significant and well-received change.

Reflecting on your prediction last year about trends in craft practices and handmade work, did you see this reflected at ART-O-RAMA?

Indeed, the majority of the artworks were handmade. Globally, there’s a growing trend of artists taking a keen interest in creating artisanal work themselves. Ceramics, textile work, and tufting are particularly present, alongside painting. Yet, there’s still a lot of space for conceptual practices, which aren’t in opposition to handmade work. Handmade practices can be conceptual too.

How does Swab serve as a space for discovering new talent? Can you mention any galleries and artists found at Swab who later made it to ART-O-RAMA or other major art fairs?

Swab, being a more affordable art fair, allows especially emerging galleries to participate with a low financial risk. This positions Swab as an ideal platform for discovery. I was particularly pleased to see an increase in emerging French galleries in 2023, such as SISSI Club, DS GALERIE, and Julie Caredda Gallery. For example, SISSI Club, based in Marseille, not only participated in ART-O-RAMA and Swab but was also selected for the Opening section of Arco 2024 and has been visible at various other fairs throughout the year.

The My FAF section deserves special mention as a fantastic space for discovery. For instance, I came across Fermay, a gallery from Palma de Mallorca established in 2022, which was also chosen for the Opening section at this year’s Arco.

Sissi Club Emerging Program Swab 2023

SISSI Club, Swab Barcelona 2023

How do you foresee the direction of new art trends in the upcoming years, particularly on the European scene?

I don’t anticipate any major upheavals in the near future. However, I believe Africa and the Middle East will continue to rise in prominence, as will the recognition of female artists who have, until now, been overlooked.

How do you foresee the direction of new art trends in the upcoming years? Particularly in the European scene?

I don’t think we will see big revolutions in the coming years. I think Africa and the Middle East will continue to be more and more prominent, as well as female figures’ that have remained invisible.

Could you talk about what we’re going to find in the new edition of ART-O-RAMA?

It is still too early to tell. We will make the selection soon. But, so far, it’s still a work in progress. However, I will let you all know soon.

SWAB in 3 words:

  1. Emergent
  2. Discoveries
  3. Barcelona