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SOLO by Fundació Vila Casas is a programme curated by independent curators Carla Gimeno Jaria and Margot Cuevas, in collaboration with the Fundación Vila Casas. It presented four independent projects from the Catalan territory that generated dialogues around identity with a proposal for a solo exhibition.

This programme seeks to promote new curatorship while establishing links between territories of the Mediterranean arc. In this way, Swab reaffirms its roots in the territory and vindicates its local essence.

During the fair days, these four self-managed spaces, which are configured as non-profit projects, presented individual exhibition proposals that together generated a portrait of contemporary artistic trends in the local context.


FOC, Barcelona

Rizoma, Celrà

Half House, Barcelona

Espai19, Barcelona

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Half House

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Swab Radio – Swab Mediterranean

Tune in to the Mediterranean by artsuper, who managed Swab Radio, creating a series of thought-focused conversations and open dialogues, where new perspectives on contemporary art and its challenges emerged.


In Swab Radio’s “Mediterranean” programme, Genís de Diego and Carla Gimeno Jaria delve, from their perspective as curators, into the crucial role they play in the interpretation and promotion of creative voices in the Mediterranean art scene. Based on their experience and analysis of the “Solo Show” programme of the 16th edition of Swab, curated by Carla Gimeno Jaria and Margot Cuevas, where they address issues of territorial identity and implement new forms of interaction in emerging independent spaces, they investigate the possible promotion of collaborative processes beyond the individualisation imposed by capitalism and artistic trends.

Throughout the dialogue, the figure of the curator is discussed in relation to the new needs of art, exploring cultural influences, local contexts and the presence of spaces for young artists. The relations of the curator with the global and digital environment are analysed, investigating whether social networks act as platforms of inclusion or isolation and delving into the feelings that networks generate, questioning whether presence is still essential in artistic practice.

Participants: Genis de Diego & Carla Gimeno Jaria