Swab presents MYFAF 2023

(Photo: Ballroom Gallery, Brussels. MYFAF)

The My First Art Fair(MYFAF) program is the section with the youngest proposals of the fair, responding to the firm vocation of being a showcase for new trends and a support for new galleries and emerging spaces. This year the program presents a selection of three galleries with less than two years of experience that have not yet participated in any international fair. Swab offers these spaces their participation free of charge to facilitate the entry of new proposals into the circuit.

The selection for this edition is made up of Ballroom Gallery, Galería Fermay and Julie Caredda, three proposals that stand out for their youth and originality, a mix of local and international talent, and a possible representation of what will be the galleries of the art scene to come. In this way, MYFAF continues to be one of the freshest and most representative bets of the fair and materializes one of the main desires of Swab: to be a gateway to the international circuit for new exhibition projects, yet to be discovered.

Julie Letizia Le Fur

Julie Caredda, Paris. MYFAF


Ballroom Gallery, Brussels

Galería Fermay, Palma de Mallorca

Julie Caredda, Paris

Fermayexpo Inauguracion Here We Go

Galería Fermay, Palma de Mallorca. MYFAF