Art collector for 36 years and member of the Danish Collecting Society. As the founder of Stieler & Company, he has traveled all over the world for business, an experience that has allowed him to discover the international contemporary art scene and discover new emerging artists.

What caught your attention at Swab 2023?

I was struck by the transformative change in the pavilion and spatial design of Swab 2023. This change not only revitalized the atmosphere but also enhanced the overall experience for both artists and attendees.

As an expert in the advertising sector, do you find a confluence between advertising, art, and design?

Art is at the forefront of new trends and movements. Increasingly, advertising campaigns, design agencies, and creative business projects draw inspiration from the work of visual and performance artists.

How do you see the future of art in the business realm? Within this, what role does technology play?

Art plays a crucial role in the business world by maintaining a focus on what truly matters: people and the relationships between them. As artificial intelligence takes a leading role in various areas, from performance art to marketing and design, it’s essential for companies to maintain genuine human connections. In this context, technology complements and enhances artistic creativity but cannot replace the human essence and emotions that art conveys.

In a context where artists forge their own paths, is there any particular artwork that has impressed you with its creativity or originality? Have you included any of these works in your collection?

Fernanda Galvâo’s work is inspired by her deep connection to landscapes, nature, and influences from science fiction found in both literature and film. Through her detailed observation of natural elements, she imagines and constructs fictional landscapes and ecosystems. Beyond the artistic medium she chooses, Fernanda is dedicated to creating unique atmospheres that propose alternative universes with different rules, spatialities, and temporalities. While painting is her primary means of expression, she also explores other artistic forms such as film, installations, and sculptures.

SWAB in 3 words:

1. Intimate
2. Emerging
3. Down to earth