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Swabimg6887liza Prykhodko

Galeria Fermay

Once again this year, Swab demonstrates its desire to be a platform for emerging projects with alternative formats, which seek to create an exchange with other similar spaces or to get started on the art fair circuit. These projects find their place in the programmes MyFAF and SEED, which have already been running for a long time at the fair.

The My First Art Fair (MYFAF) programme is the section with the youngest proposals of the fair, responding to the firm vocation of being a showcase for new trends and a support for new galleries and emerging spaces. With this programme, Swab grants 3 galleries, which have not participated in an international fair before, offering them free participation to facilitate their initiation in the circuit and the possibility of bringing proposals of an experimental nature.

On the other hand, and continuing the focus on the independent scene, Swab presented its SEED programme, a carefully curated selection of eleven alternative spaces, some run by artists, that represent the idea of exploring the boundaries and changing the perspective of contemporary art. In this section, we highlight innovative concepts and undiscovered paths that are reshaping the field of contemporary art.

In this way, MYFAF and SEED continue to be one of the freshest and most representative bets of the fair and materialise one of Swab’s main aims: to be a gateway to the international circuit for new, as yet undiscovered exhibition projects.


Ballroom Gallery, Brussels

Galería Fermay, Palma de Mallorca

Julie Caredda, Paris

Swabimg6416liza Prykhodko



Awol, Los Angeles

CU29, Plovdiv

Colette Mariana, Barcelona


Kunsthalle.Ost, Leipzig

La Raíz, Granada

Lí Gallery, Shanghai

Mmundo, New York

NVS, Lisbon

Studio Beta, Berlin / Barcelona

Yafteh Gallery, Teheran

Swabimg7095liza Prykhodko

Bold Gallery

Swab Radio – MYFAF + SEED

Tune in to the MyFAF + Seed by artsuper, who managed Swab Radio, creating a series of thought-focused conversations and open dialogues, where new perspectives on contemporary art and its challenges emerged.



In Swab Radio’s “MyFAF + SEED” programme, national galleries, such as Galerie Fermay and European galleries, such as Kunsthalle.ost (Amsterdam) & Bold Gallery (Prague), share their views on the promotion of emerging spaces and the need to boost local artists by exhibiting their work internationally. Through a shared dialogue, they will discover the advantages of international exhibitions and how visibility and connections boost the growth of a gallery and the consequent impulse of the artists they represent. In this talk, you will gain insight into how new independent spaces navigate this environment and what challenges they face.

In this sense, galleries are redefined as more than mere commercial spaces: they are bridges that connect, educational environments and platforms that foster artistic growth. In addition, a fundamental question is addressed: how these young, independent spaces can get started in the art market and how programmes such as “MyFAF and SEED” at the 16th edition of Swab, offer them valuable resources for inclusion in the fair circuit. Join us as our guests address the challenges of galleries presenting experimental artists, highlighting the importance of visibility, deeper communication with artists and the creation of environments and programmes such as “MyFAF and SEED” that stimulate artistic growth and act as platforms for the education of society.

Participants: Galeria Fermay, Kunsthalle.ost, Bold Gallery