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Swab 2022 Curator Talks by Santiago Gasquet


Tell us your favorite moment at Swab 2021
Some of the proposals that I loved from my first experience at the fair were the stand of CAVE-AYUMIGALLERY and a gallery from Tokyo that presented paintings by two of its artists represented in in an impeccable curatorial exhibit. I was also very interested in the work of the artist Kerstin Pfefferkorn presented at Bark BerlinGallery. Also I can not miss the beautiful work done by the projects that participated in the Focus Latam with whom I had the pleasure to work.

What’s something you discovered at Swab 2021 that really sticked to your mind?
Something that I can highlight and that caught my attention in my experience in Swab 2021 was to find a familiar work team, which developed the integral work of the fair and always faced with affection the problems that arose.

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How would you describe Swab 2021 to someone who couldn’t visit it?
An opportunity to visit a contemporary art fair that can be visited placidly and without any rush, since it is designed in a way that the spectator can enjoy all the proposals, dedicating the necessary time to each one and not ending up exhausted. Besides being realized in Barcelona, a city that adds to the event its own attractions.

What projects are keeping you busy these days that swabbers should stay tuned for?
At this exact moment I’m working on the participation of PIEDRAS in the next edition of ARCO in February, where we will present a Solo Show by Jimena Croceri.
At the same time we are also working on the presentation of Mónica Heller’s project at the 59th Venice Biennale which opens in April this year. Heller was chosen as the artist who will represent our country in the Argentine Pavilion at the Biennale.

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About Santiago Gasquet
Santiago Gasquet was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina), where he is living and working at the moment. He currently co-directs the PIEDRAS gallery, an independent space for contemporary art exhibition, production, research and commercialization, self-managed by a group of artists in the city of Buenos Aires. In 2021 he begins to curate Swab Barcelona’s Emerging Program sub-section, Focus LATAM, which will present the most emerging proposals of the Latin American contemporary art scene.

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Moria Galería, Buenos Aires