SWAB talks with… Kosmos

“I am art. I am Barcelona. I am Swab” is a series of interviews with relevant people of the Barcelona creative environment, whose aim is to enhance the cultural network of the city.

Today we talk to Kosmos, dj and electronic music pioneer in Spain.

I am Kosmos. I am art. I am Barcelona. I am Swab.

In one sentence, how would you describe your relationship with music?
It is a visceral relationship. I think, breathe, eat and dream music. And I work with it by transforming it, twisting it, mixing it…

A place in the city that connects you with art?
There are many, but one that I particularly like is the Mies Van Der Rohe Hall.

If Barcelona was an art work, what would you name it?
Boat, sky and waves

A message to young creatives?
To be themselves, not to be influenced by trends and to forget a little bit about social medias.

What projects are currently keeping you busy?
I have recovered an old production project, which I share with Xavier and Eduard Alarcón: Vanguard, in which we are working again. I’m still working on my radio show “303” on Betevé with Ginebra, on Shadow Traxx with Oddzero. I’m also still working on my record label Tempesta Music. I’m looking forward to performing in front of the public again, especially in my residencies Bass Bunny, Nitsa (both at Apolo) and Macarena. I also have a project with my wife Natalia Politowa and the Raima paper shop, called “Evenings At Raima” where we try to mix art and music once a month.

S W A B   W I T H   U S . . .

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Kosmos is not a dj that leaves you unmoved. Pioneer of electronic music in Spain, his importance in the evolution of our nightclubs culture is undoubted, being not only an elite dj, but also an activist. He also hosts the program of radio 303 en Betevé, produces under the names such as Vanguard and Shadow Traxx and runs his record label Tempesta Music.