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Swab 2021 Curator Talks by Jérôme Pantalacci

by Jérôme Pantalacci

Tell us your favorite moment at Swab 2021
The opening day was a vibrant and intense moment that ended with the party where exhibitors and attendees were able to encounter each other while enjoying music and cocktails. It was cool!

What’s something you discovered at Swab 2021 that really sticked to your mind?
I’m always happy to discover new galleries and new artists. I’ve been particularly interested in Harlesden High Street’s commitment and I truly appreciated Badr El Jundi’s booth, which presented a dialogue between two artists Eleonora Agostini and Carla Hayes. Hayes’ raffia work especially stuck in my mind.

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Harlesden High Street, London

What’s something you saw at Swab 2021 that you don’t typically see at other fairs?
Typically, what I didn’t see elsewhere are galleries and artists I discovered at Swab like, among others, those previously mentioned.

How would you describe Swab 2021 to someone who couldn’t visit it?
Swab is the perfect platform to discover and encounter young artists and galleries while enjoying Barcelona, its dynamic art scene and its prominent institutions like Macba or Tapies and Miro foundations among others. And with a great VIP program.

What projects are keeping you busy these days?
My main project is Art-o-rama, Marseille-based art fair that will be held from 25th to 28th of August. I invite all the swabbers to come to Marseille and to visit us.


About Jérôme Pantalacci

Curator and artistic director of ART-O-RAMA, contemporary art fair in Marseille. He previously worked at the Roger Pailhas gallery and in the organization “Art Dealers”, the art fair created by Roger Pailhas, held in the 1000 m² space of the gallery.

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Eleonora Agostini & Carla Hayes. Badr El Jundi, Marbella