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Swab 2021 Curator Talks with Jose Luis Lorenzo

Swab Barcelona talks to the members of the 2021 selection committee.
Today we speak with… Jose Luis Lorenzo

Swab Barcelona is proud to present its selection committee, which will be in charge of casting the international and national galleries that will be part of the program of its 14th edition.

Lives and works in the city of Córdoba, where he was born. Collector and member of the Latin American Art Acquisitions Committee of the Tate Modern, London. Architect, owner of the firm Lorenzo y Asociados Arquitectos. He is President of DINA (Diseñadores Nacionales Asociados). In 2017, he received the Merit Award “Windows to the Future of Architecture” granted by Cayc / Parex Klaukol.

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In a single sentence, how would you describe your collection?
Like a self-portrait, which is completed over time, like a search for myself, something I have realized over the years. I see myself in each work, even in my unsuspected parts.

What are three traits you look for in an emerging artist?
Sensitivity to their context, talent and intelligence.

What’s a piece of your collection you are currently obsessed with?
Two, the first work of the collection, a box by Fernando Allievi and the work Motherboards by Gabriel Valansi, a detachment of his work Babel.

If you could give a piece of advice for emerging artists that are starting off in 2021, what would it be?
To be aware that what they do will accompany the paradigm shift affecting the world after COVID. 

Tell us something a fair must and something a fair must-not for you to find it interesting?
I am interested in the proposal of the galleries and the collecting program, there are no things that do not interest me, I think everything contributes to the whole. 

What are you looking forward to seeing in Swab 2021?
New collections and discover new galleries and new artists.

Swab 2021 Selection Committee

Jérôme Pantalacci
Domenico de Chirico
Omar Lopez-Chahoud

Giuseppe Casarotto
Jose Luis Lorenzo
Marie Elena Ángulo


SWAB 2021 exhibitors submissions are now open.

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