Swab Barcelona recognizes the imperative need to address the global climate crisis and assumes its responsibility in the face of the associated social, environmental and economic challenges. We are actively committed to consciously contributing to sustainability efforts, forging an alliance with art for a greener future. We want to be drivers in the creation of a more sustainable and conscious Barcelona, recognizing that there is still much to learn and do on this path.

We understand that joining forces is crucial to weaving a city where art and sustainability are intertwined in joint projects. We firmly believe in a holistic approach to urban development, where artistic expression and care for the natural environment go hand in hand. We are committed to promoting sustainable practices and collaborating closely with other institutions and organizations to build a greener and more equitable future for all.

We are determined to lead positive change in our community, acting as catalysts for transformations that inspire internationally, thus fostering an active commitment to sustainability.


  • Waste management
  • Infrastructure and energy consumption
  • Transport with reduced C02
  • Conscious communication
  • Recognition and agreements

Swab Barcelona, ​​through its association with Fira de Barcelona, ​​is committed to recycling waste generated during the event, such as paper, cardboard, glass, packaging, among others. Fira de Barcelona has implemented technological tools to reduce the consumption of paper and plastic as much as possible at all events. Thanks to its agreement with Ecoembes, it transfers around 8,000 tons of waste for recovery each year.

For this reason, we actively promote the use of recyclable materials in the fair’s catering area, where we are working on the implementation of policies to reduce the use of disposable cutlery. We prioritize reusable or biodegradable alternatives whenever feasible. In addition, we collaborate with local suppliers and restaurant companies to promote the production and consumption of local and quality products, including healthy and vegetarian options.

Regarding the reuse of packaging, we have established an exclusive common storage area for participating galleries. This initiative’s main objective is to promote the reuse of packaging.

To reduce the use of paper and advertising materials, we have chosen to replace our printed products, such as the catalog and the fair plan, with digital communication tools. In those cases where printed material is still used, we prioritize working with local suppliers and companies.

We are committed to the internal development of a circular economy and the reuse of materials in our display setups. We impose guidelines on our collaborating companies so that in each edition the same possible assembly materials are reused.

Eco-sustainable stands are not just an option, but a necessity for any company committed to its corporate social responsibility. At Swab, we carefully select the materials for our stands, not only for their reuse in multiple editions, but also for their respect for the environment. We have recycled and environmentally friendly stands, with wooden structures certified by the FSC or PEFC, thus guaranteeing responsible forest management. In addition, all the lights used in the stands are LED, which contributes to a lower energy footprint. The paint used is also organic and water-based.

As part of Fira Barcelona, ​​we align with its guidelines and share its commitment to sustainability. The Fira is committed to green energy, only consuming electrical energy from renewable sources such as solar, wind, hydraulic, biomass, tidal, geothermal or biogas. So beyond the assembly, all the consumption generated in various areas of the venue such as the exhibition spaces, roofs, bathrooms or offices, has green energy.

For more information about Fira Barcelona’s sustainable practices, consult the following link

As for furniture, we offer eco-friendly options, such as furniture rental. This option not only reduces the environmental impact by avoiding the unnecessary production of furniture and the generation of waste, but also provides flexibility and economic savings to exhibitors, who can adapt their furniture selection according to their specific needs for each edition of Swab.Another initiative we have is collaboration in common areas with furniture and design companies from our own city. By working with local companies, we significantly reduce our environmental footprint by minimizing the transportation distance of materials and products. This translates into lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions, since the resources come from closer sources.
Additionally, many of these companies are committed to sustainability and environmental protection. They use eco-friendly practices and materials in their design and production processes, reflecting our shared commitment to preserving the natural environment.

At Swab, we actively encourage the use of shared transportation as a measure to reduce our environmental footprint. We facilitate the connection between exhibitors from the same area so that they share vehicles and cargo, which not only reduces emissions, but also promotes collaboration between fair participants, providing economic and logistical benefits.

Additionally, we encourage both exhibitors and the public to consider public transportation as the preferred option to get to the show. Since by choosing this means, we not only contribute to the reduction of our carbon footprint, but we also offer a comfortable, safe and efficient alternative. To travel to Barcelona for those who cannot come by other means than the plane, we promote the use of the train by offering discounts with Renfe to travel, for example, from France or Italy.

Likewise, we promote the use of other sustainable transportation alternatives, such as bicycles and electric motorcycles. To encourage the use of these vehicles, we collaborate with providers of these services, such as Yego or Cooltra, offering discounts and special promotions during the event period.

In our Swab Radio 2024 program we want to promote dialogues around the environment and climate change in the cultural environment, working on relevant topics in this aspect in the debates so that awareness about change is generated through networks and digital platforms. climate and sustainability thanks to our conversation program that encompasses podcasts, video formats and on-site talks.

We want to provide all our gallerists, participants and followers with the tools and knowledge necessary to reduce their environmental impact and contribute positively to the well-being of our city and our planet. Therefore, in this next edition, we will launch a newsletter with practical advice, stories and useful resources to encourage a greater commitment to sustainability. This newsletter aims to highlight the importance of adopting more sustainable practices in the field of art and culture, as well as in our daily lives.

Swab Barcelona is part of Fira Barcelona, ​​an institution certified with the ISO 14001 standard, internationally recognized for its excellence in environmental management. In addition, Fira Barcelona is committed to tourism sustainability as a member of the Barcelona Biosphere Commitment.

Additionally, Swab Barcelona is a member of the Gallery Climate Coalition (GCC), an international membership organization providing environmental sustainability guidelines for the art sector. By joining GCC, we have committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and using our platform and cultural influence to support others in taking sustainable action. You can learn more about this initiative at the following link

By working collaboratively with Fira Barcelona and GCC, Swab joins sector wide efforts to promote sustainability and reduce our environmental impact. Together, we are driving positive change in our industry and contributing to creating a more sustainable future for all, recognizing our responsibility and working to reduce our carbon footprint.