SWAB talks with… Barbara Aurell

“I am art. I am Barcelona. I am Swab ” is a series of interviews with relevant people of the Barcelona creative environment, whose aim is to enhance the cultural network of the city.

Today we speak with Barbara Aurell, the interior designer who decorates art with love.

I am Barbara Aurell. I am art. I am Barcelona. I am Swab.

A word that describes Barcelona?

Is your place of creation, the studio, inspired by your city?  
Absolutely, for Barcelona and all the people who live there. When I’m in a creative process for a project I usually walk around the city to get inspired. I invite my clients to “stop” with me, observe their surroundings and tell me how they want to live.  

If Barcelona was an art work, what would you name it?

A place in the city that connects you with art?
I like to sit in front of MACBA and watch in silence and see the skaters with the white backdrop of the building in the background.

A message to young creatives?
Work hard, constantly and above all with passion. Travel and be inspired by everything around them. Be authentic and live intensely!

And how do you want to live?

S W A B   W I T H   U S . . .

Vocational interior designer and founder of Espacio Blanco Estudio, where she offers interior design services, architecture, creativity and markets her own furniture brand EEB.