Swab Seed 2020

Swab Seed showcases eleven independent and artist-run spaces that share experimentation as a common denominator. This program seeks to give visibility to new platforms and proposals that are shaking up the contemporary scene. For this edition, Swab Seed joins forces with the Fundació Vila Casas, which sponsors the participation of four independent Catalan spaces.



ARMEN DAGUER, Guadalajara

COMA, Sydney

GOMO Art Space, Vienna

Mélange, Cologne

The Balcony, The Hague 

Vellum Projects, New York


Sponsored spaces by  Fundació Vila Casas:

Groc Projects, Badalona. 

Homesession, Barcelona.

La Trastera, Tarragona

Trama 34, Barcelona.


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Groc Projects


Meet all the Swab Seed exhibitors and artists on Swab Thinks 1+1, a Swab initiative through which our participants approach the public via personal video presentations. You will find them posted on our Vimeo channel.

The 1+1 campaign presents 2 minute clips through which the artists and galleries of this edition propose a more intimate look at their works, work spaces and processes, making the virtual environment an ideal space for interconnectivity with our audience.



In collaboration with:
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