Parallel Reality, is the title of the new program curated by Carolina Diez-Cascón, for this edition Swab on Paper 2020, where the limit of paper is challenged through illusion, an optical illusion that plays in the constant existence of two realities, a flat reality of the essence of paper, which will be invaded by means such as plastics or fabrics that deceive this dimension.

Under this parallelism the 6 proposals of the program travel between two worlds or truths, the conscious and the unconscious, the inside and the outside or the before and now.


Alfa Gallery, Miami

Artists: Bea Last, Maarja Nurk and Gamaliel Herrera


These three artists reflect on the conservation of conscious time through paper, creating a dialogue on connotations acquired in it through collage, in the case of Gamaliel Herrera, engraving as in the work of Maarja Nurk or the creation of paper as a sculpture by Bea Last, thus creating permanency in time as a monumental work.


1 Detail Article Drawing Graphite On Paper 12x16 In 31x42 Cm 2018 Detail

MM Gallery, Buenos Aires

Artist: Carolina Simonelli


Carolina Simonelli, presents a series of works where she experiences painting through only paper, a personal technique where she synthesizes reality in spots of color that do not come from pigment but from paper. Through collage she creates optical landscapes experiencing semi impressionist natural depths.



Montoro12, Brussels 

Artists: Chloé Arrouy, Martin Coste and Anthony Ngoya

Everyday things, symbols and memories must be undone and recreated; what is near is a horizon not yet reached. Deconstruction, evasion, disappearance, persistence, reappearance, discovery, revitalization, redefinition, re-creation. Three artists who come together to dissect everyday materials and objects and reinvent them through an exploratory approach. A convergence of urgencies and intuitions, where chance also plays its role as a modus operandi. The ordinary medium of paper is affected by waste or plastic materials fusing the before with the now.



Patrick Heide Contemporary Art, London

Artist: Varvara Shavrova


Varvara Shavrova presents an installation of textile works and drawings, commenting on the current migration crisis in European countries and reflecting on its general history. Photographs taken of Irish media during the height of the crisis, translated to paper through the use of graphite and watercolour, executed on disturbing dark colours. The drawings are looking for a direct emotional response from the viewer about the intensity and inescapability of those images.
Drawings that catch the immigrant’s hardship and distress, while Shavrova’s coat-like fabrics from her “Blankets Project” symbolize the welcoming warmth and help desperately desired.


Should I Stay Or Should I Go 02

PIEDRAS, Buenos Aires

Artist: Teresa Giarcovich

Teresa Giarcovich experiences the reality of watercolor by creating a new perspective from the superimposition of textiles, especially tulle. Transparencies that dilute reality by experimenting and looking for faces or silhouettes of the past trapped in stains of the present.



Ravnikar Gallery Space, Slovenia

Artist: Maja Babic Kosir


Maja Babic Kosir experiments with paper as outside and inside her subconscious, reflecting her life and experiences from instantaneous naturalness, thus working on even the very mistakes that arise in the process.