Swab presents México en Femenino



This year, the fair presents for the first time five Mexican artists who rethink the position of women in the world, as well as their participation in art as a living, ancestral voice that engenders their future from its deepest roots.

-Lucia Vidales and Alida Cervantes, represented by Galería Deslave.
-Berta Kolteniuk represented by
-Julieta Gil represented by
Janet 40.
-María Conejo represented by
Pequeños Bribones

With approaches from painting, drawing and installation, these artists relate the contemporary world with technology, the ancestral and history, allowing a reflection on the pictorial, the female body, memory and the concept of origin.

With this program, Swab Barcelona confirms its commitment to focus on emerging scenes from other latitudes and to reclaim its women artists showing once again that art has the ability to model the past, fully inhabit the present and rethink and engender a future with a free, vital and natural impulse. It is the woman who engenders art, who engenders life.


Lucia Vidales
Deslave. Tijuana


Sustancia Solar, Berta Kolteniuk, 2016

Satélite. Querétaro



Obsidian Pulses, Julieta Gil, 2019
Janet 40. Ciudad de México


Late night conversations with one self, Maria Conejo, 2018
Pequeños Bribones. Ciudad de México