Swab 2019 presents its program

SWAB presents its 12th edition's program, including up to 300 artists and more than 60 galleries from all over the world.


-Swab presents the special program of this edition, “Mexico en Femenino”, in which four artists will reflect on the woman figure and power and will use it as a field of research.
-This edition's brand new program Swab Video CornerThe identity shadow, has been developed in collaboration with Aesthetica Magazine, a space exclusively dedicated to video art artistic exploration.
-As a novelty, thanks to the prestigious ARTSY platform, the fair can be visited online in real time and the works on sale can be purchased. Also, online spectators will be able to take part in the talks program.
Swab Emerging will present works that use art as a tool to make new and necessary political reflections.
-In addition to these novelties, the usual programs will continue to be present, such as the General Program, Swab on Paper, Swab Ephemeral, MYFAF, Swab Reading or Swab Seed; proposals such as Swab Performance; or a series of talks through SWAB Thinks, as well as different exhibition experiences.

-Swab 2019 becomes a 100% sustainable fair and proves its green values ??both in the production and logistics.

Swab Barcelona announces the dates of its 12th edition. The contemporary art fair will take place from September 26th to 29th at the Italian Pavilion of Fira Montjuïc and, as usual, a number of artists and galleries from all over the world will be present, creating an indispensable meeting of independent art professionals. Furthermore, this year edition will invite the participants to live an expositive and direct experience with the artworks throughout the different programs. Indeed, the fair will include interesting and engaging proposals from artists who work on the direct relationship with the viewer and who encourage the spectator to discover the artistic object.
One of the novelties of this edition of Swab Barcelona will be the program Mexico en Femenino, in which four artists will reclaim the woman figure and power and will use it as a field of research. Lucía Vidales, Alida Cervantes, María Conejo, Julieta Gil and Berta Koltenuik -who presents their work for the first time in Barcelona- are the exhibiting artists of this section, and their work focuses on the female body, putting it at the centre of their art and claiming it as a gesture of resistance. Their idea is to rethink the position of women in the world, as well as their participation in the art world, making it a living voice.



Deslave, Tijuana. México en Femenino. Artist: Lucía Vidales.?


This year, for the first time and thanks to the collaboration of SWAB with Aesthetica MagazineSwab Video Corner, The identity Shadow, will be created: a space exclusively dedicated to the video exhibitions. The program represents an entrance to the diverse and to the artistic exploration through this medium: it includes an interesting selection of titles that passed through the Aesthetica Film Festival, an independent film festival. Some of the exhibited pieces are Rebirth is necessary (2017), by Jenn Nkiru and For real tho (2016), by Baptistte Penetticobra.
This edition of SWAB also stands out for the collaboration of the fair with ARTSY, the platform that will make it possible to visit in real time what happens in the Italian Pavilion, in addition to offering the opportunity of buying the artworks directly on the web, without being physically present. Undoubtedly, it is a digital bet for an internationally renowned fair and an unmissable event for contemporary art lovers.
SWAB Barcelona seeks not only to be an important platform for innovative aesthetic experiences, but also to present to the public works that use art as a tool to build new and necessary political reflections. The fair acknowledges the importance of constantly questioning the status quo, in order to have a fresh and committed voice. This is why this 2019 edition hosts SWAB Emerging: this new program will present innovative proposals, such as the gallery Katharina Maria Raab (Berlin), which will present the work of two artists from Morocco and Germany who explore through their points of view on issues of power, resistance, submission and dependence on politics, social interactions, human behaviours, material desire and its friction with ethics.


Katharina Maria Raab, Berlin. Swab Emerging 2019. Artist: Hicham Benohoud.


As in every edition, Swab also presents a General Program, composed by prestigious and prominent galleries and that include some relevant spaces from Barcelona, such as ADN Galería, Ana Mas Projects, and Rocío Santa Cruz among others, thanks to a collaboration with Art Barcelona.  The fair will also present another edition of Swab Reading, a program that shows SWAB’s interest in all disciplines. Swab Reading will work as an editorial concept store, where to find different forms of art through books. As usual, the fair is also betting on young emerging projects through its program My First Art Fair (MY FAF), inviting galleries that have short experience and have not participated yet in any international contemporary art fair. Swab Barcelona is the starting point within the circuit program of international fairs and offers them a first contact with the institutions and professionals of the sector. The participants of this edition are Dilalica (Barcelona), Hiato Projects (Madrid), No Adress Gallery (Rio de Janeiro) or Soyuz (Pescara).
Another usual program of the fair, Swab Performance, will present “La màquina, l'amor i Marcel Proust”, organized in collaboration with the Visual Arts Program of the Diputació de Barcelona and curated by independent curator Alexandra Laudo. The proposal of Mrs. Laudo takes the image of the French writer listening to opera with his telephone as a symbolic reference, focusing on the notion of the apparatus, and to investigate the relations between the individual, the machine and the artistic content.
For the fifth consecutive year, the fair will host a selection of independent and creative spaces in the Swab Seed section, which will present very diverse projects that have a common denominator: experimentation. It is a sample of independent and self-managed spaces with experimentation as a common ground.


DISPLAY, Parma. Swab Seed 2019.?


This year edition will also include, as always, Swab on Paper, which will host eight projects that conceptualize and reflect on several current problems encrypted in the symbology of the lines, shapes and colour. In the 1920s, geometric abstraction was born as a reaction to the impulse of creating a critical discourse and presents a reflection of reality from its three three-dimensional points. Then, in the 1940s, it merges with the most immediate unconscious. This is how geometric abstract art is born. In this 12thedition, the program will be inspired by that movement.
The little ones will also have their own space with SWAB Kids. As usual, Plom gallery will help the youngest art lovers in their first direct contact with art. Initiatives such as Swab Thinks will also have their space in the fair, where the figure of the curator will be highlighted through a program that aims to act as a training platform in the new collecting and new exhibition platforms, both for artists and curators.
The selection of artists from the different Creation Factories of the city (Hangar, La Escocesa and Fabra i Coats), which are part of the Swab Ephemeral program, will develop various proposals that focus on awareness about the environment perception, the construction of languages and the forms of communication. The artists will develop communicative and interpretive strategies through the materials they manipulate: stones, metal, light, color, language and the body itself to understand our relationship with the world of senses. Through their artistic work, they become in charge of the communication channel between humans and not humans, in order to make us understand that the senses do not generate truth but conventional systems of relationship and that manipulating them allows us to become aware of them.


Set Espai d'Art. Valencia. Swab on Paper 2019.?


Sustainable Swab
Swab 2019 is consistent with the fair green philosophy and works with sustainability principles and respect for our planet.
First of all, the foodie part of the fair will be held once again by Cervezas Tibidabo and Flash Flash, which, by eliminating the use of plastic, will turn the Swab Picnic area into a place that is environmentally aware. In the same line, the official water of Swab 2019 is Only Water, which will give to the fair its 100% recyclable containers, made from renewable raw materials.
On the other hand, Swab 2019 will have sustainable furniture thanks to CartonLab, which works with cardboard furniture, and Ecopixel, which produces pieces of furniture with recycled plastic.
SWAB Awards
As every year, SWAB has a series of awards to assess talent from different perspectives. In this 2019 edition, it will be possible to find the DKV award for the best Spanish artist, the MANGO award for the best emerging artist, the Lluís Coromina Foundation, the Idea Art of ??Marset and the drawing Diezy7 Collection. In addition, this year the Espronceda prize is added, which will reward an artist with a 5-week residency in Espronceda's space. The aim of the award is to open a dialogue with the city: the artist will have the opportunity to fully immerse in the circuits of Barcelona, ??where he can be inspired by the place and spaces of Espronceda to carry out his artistic research.
Acquisitions program
As in past editions, Swab will present an acquisitions program in collaboration with:
-Fundació Vila Casas, a private non-profit organization whose main objective is to promote Catalan contemporary art.
– La Colección Olor Visual, created by Ernesto Ventós, perfumer who started the path of artistic creation.
-La Fundació Carmen & Lluís Bassat, constituted by the publicist Lluís Bassat with the aim of helping people in need and promoting Catalan contemporary art.
Collectors program
With the participation of a large number of international collectors, this program aims to consolidate the city of Barcelona as a reference of artistic platform. Swab will present visits to the city private collections and collaborate with Fundació Tàpies, Mies Van der Rohe Foundation and the Reial Cercle d'Arts in Barcelona.


Dilalica, Barcelona. Swab Reading 2019.? Obra colectiva.


General Program

ADDAYA. Palma de Mallorca

ADN Galería. Art Barcelona

Alalimón. Art Barcelona

Ana Mas Projects. Art Barcelona

Ambacher Contemporary. Munich

Cassina Projects. New York

Embajada. San Juan

Espai Tactel-Toormix. Barcelona / Valencia

EtHALL. Art Barcelona

Fixed Project Lima. Lima

Factoria de arte Santa Rosa. Santiago

Gachi Prieto. Buenos Aires

Galerie Emmanuel Hervé. Paris

Kromya Art Gallery. Lugano

La Arte. Salta

Luciana Caravello. Rio de Janeiro

Massimo de Luca. Venice

Miranda Bosch, Buenos Aires

Galería Petrus, San Juan

Galerie Nicolas Robert. Montréal

N2 Galería. Art Barcelona

Pabellon 4. Buenos Aires

Palmadotze. Art Barcelona

Pantocrator Gallery. Suzhou

Pigment Gallery. Art Barcelona

Quimera Galería. Buenos Aires

Robert Henry Contemporary. New York

Rocio Santa Cruz. Art Barcelona

The Blink Project. Valencia

Tokio Galería, Lima

T20, Murcia

Victor Lope Arte Contemporáneo. Art Barcelona

3 Punts. Art Barcelona

Programa General – Swab Emerging (less than five-years-old galleries that already play a relevant role in the international scene)

Antonia Puyó. Zaragoza

Casa Equis. Mexico City

Chiquita Room, Barcelona

Espacio Olvera. Sevilla

Granada Gallery. Buenos Aires

Housing Gallery. New York

Katharina Maria Raab. Berlin

Km.0.2. San Juan

One Four. Seul

Pierre Poumet, Bordeaux

The Address Gallery. Brescia

The Switch. Lisbon


Quimera Galería, Buenos Aires. Programa General 2019.


México en Femenino

Deslave. Tijuana
Artists; Alida Cervantes y Lucía Vidales
Janet 40. Ciudad de México
Artist; Julieta Gil
Satélite. Querétaro
Artist; Berta Kolteniuk
Pequeños Bribones. Ciudad de México
Artist; Maria Conejo

Swab On Paper

BBA Gallery. Berlín
Arist: Silvia Binda and Olivia Lennon
Circle Art Gallery,Kenya
Artist: Longinos Nagila
Galeria AireBilbao
Artist: Usoa Fullaondo
Galerie Martin Kudlek. Colonia
Artist: Amy Hilton and Katrin Bremermann
Set Espai d´art. Valencia
Artist: Arancha Goyeneche
Souvenir. Barcelona
Artist: Fabrizio Contarino
Galería Seismasuno. Madrid
Artist: Fod

Swab Seed

Art Super space. Milan

AWOL, Los Ángeles

Cordova, Barcelona


Las Palmas. Lisbon

Vellum. New York

White Garage. Catania

Wunsch. Buenos Aires

MY FAF (My First Air Fair)

Dilalica. Barcelona
Hiato Projects. Madrid
No Adress Gallery. Rio de Janeiro
Soyuz. Pescara


No Adress Gallery, Rio de Janeiro. MyFAF 2019.


Swab Performance

Laura LlaneliLovelace
Pedro Torres. Semilluna negra
Daniel MorenoGoodbye, my Sunny Child (Life is brief)
Irene Solà + Taller Estampa
Mar MedinaManejar el hacer líquido de forma indisciplinada
Swab Ephemeral

Anna Irina Russell. Hangar
Aldo Urbano. Hangar
Jessica Moroni. Fabra i Coats
Lluc Baños. La Escocesa
Guillermo Moreno. La Escocesa
Swab Reading

Highchair Editions. London
Monorhetorik. Amsterdam
;paranoia publishing. Estonia
Dilalica. Barcelona