Exhibitors 2019

General program

A selection of established art galleries that features both national and international emerging artists. The space is divided into 4 types of booth: 25, 20, 15 and 10 m2.

Emerging, galleries with less than 5 years already established in the international scene.


Antonia Puyó. Zaragoza

Casa Equis. Mexico City

Chiquita Room, Barcelona

Espacio Olvera. Sevilla

Granada Gallery. Buenos Aires

Housing Gallery. New York

Katharina Maria Raab. Berlin

Km.0.2. San Juan

One Four. Seul

Pierre Poumet, Bordeaux

The Address Gallery. Brescia

The Switch. Lisbon

Mexico en femenino

This year, the fair presents for the first time five Mexican artists who dare to rethink the position of women in the world, as well as their participation in art as a living, ancestral voice that engenders their future from its deepest roots.

With approaches from painting, drawing and installation, these artists relate the contemporary world with technology, the ancestral and History, allowing a reflection on the pictorial, the female body, memory and the concept of origin.

With this program, SWAB confirms its commitment to focus on emerging scenes from other latitudes and to reclaim its women artists showing once again that art has the ability to model the past, fully inhabit the present and rethink and engender a future with a free, vital and natural impulse. It is the woman who engenders art, who engenders life.

Deslave. Tijuana
Artists; Alida Cervantes y Lucia Vidales

Janet 40. Mexico City
Artist; Julieta Gil

Satélite. Querétaro
Artist; Berta Kolteniuk

Pequeños Bribones. Mexico City
Artist: Maria Conejo

Swab on paper

“El mensaje de lo abstracto”

In the 1920s, geometric abstraction was born with the impulse to create a critical discourse and present a reflection of reality from its three three-dimensional points. It is in the 1940s when it merges with the most immediate unconscious. This is how geometric abstract art was born.

As a historical basis towards contemporary times, artists take up the use of geometry as a means of expressing space, an unstable space full of social, political, environmental imbalances or simply responding to everyday emotions.

7 projects, curated by Carolina Diez-Cascón, that conceptualize and reflect several current problems encrypted in the symbology of lines, shapes and color.

BBA Gallery. Berlin
Artist: Silvia Binda Heiserova and Olivia Lennon

Circle Art Gallery,. Kenya
Artist: Longinos Nagila

Galeria Aire. Bilbao
Artist: Usoa Fullaondo

Galerie Martin Kudlek. Cologne
Artist: Amy Hilton and Katrin Bremermann

Set Espai d´art. Valencia
Artist: Arancha Goyeneche

Souvenir. Barcelona
Artist: Fabrizio Contarino

Galería Seismasuno. Madrid
Artist: Fod

Swab seed


Swab Seed features eight independent, self-managed and experimental spaces from all around the world. This program seeks to shed light into those experimental platforms and proposals that work aside from the fixed system and are shaking up the contemporanean art scene.

Art Super space. Milan

AWOL, Los Ángeles

Cordova, Barcelona


Las Palmas. Lisbon

Vellum. New York

White Garage. Catania

Wunsch. Buenos Aires

MY FAF (My First Art Fair)

Each year, Swab Barcelona hosts a selection of four contemporary art galleries, that are less than two years old, who have not previously participated in any international art fair and which feature artists born after 1975. Swab offers this space free of charge as a way to boost young new galleries and to give a chance to emerging artists. 

Dilalica. Barcelona

Hiato Projects. Madrid

NOADDRESS Gallery. Rio de Janeiro

Soyuz. Pescara

Swab performance

Swab Performance announces its new edition curated by Alexandra Laudo and reinforces its mission to increase the presence of new and independent formats at the fair.

Laura Llaneli 

Pedro Torres

Daniel Moreno Roldán

Irene Solà + Estampa

Mar Medina

Kay Schuttels


Selection of 6 artists from the main Creation Factories: Hangar, Fabra i Coats and La Escocesa, selected under the theme of awareness about the perception of the environment, the construction of languages and forms of communication, by the curator Caterina Almirall.

The artists develop communicative and interpretative strategies through the materials they manipulate: stones, metal, light, color, language and the body itself to understand our relationship with the world of the senses.

This is our primordial channel of communication between humans, nonhumans and the environment, and this is essentially artistic work: understanding that the senses do not generate truth but conventional systems of relationship. Manipulating them allows us to become aware of them, to be creative.

Swab Reading

Swab Barcelona presents Swab Reading, a program that aims to put together design and reading, art and literature. Swab leaves some room for editorial disciplines, and invites four european projects to showcase their publications. 

Swab Video box

4 artists selected in collaboration with Aesthetica Magazine who reflect on the diversity and artistic exploration through video.

The short films explore the possibilities of audiovisual language, creating interesting reflections on the tensions between human relationships. From the recognition of cultures that have been oppressed for years and whose struggles are still alive and are still necessary, to the smallest relationships in everyday nature, in the home or the neighborhood environment.

Ludivine Large-Bessette

Maryam Tafakory

Baptiste Penetticobra

Jenn Nkiru