Exhibitors 2021

General Program

Selection of established national and international galleries with a remarkable trajectory in the contemporary art circuit.

*Associated galleries of Art Barcelona.

ADN Galería*, Barcelona

Ana Mas Projects*, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

Artnueve, Murcia

ATM Galería, Gijón

Aural Galería, Alicante

Badr El Jundi, Marbella

Cosita Rica Galería, Lima

Espacio Mínimo, Madrid

etHALL*, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

Factoría Santa Rosa, Santiago de Chile

Galería Alegría*, Barcelona

Galería del Paseo, Lima

Galería Fran Reus, Mallorca

Galería Punto, Valencia

Galería Senda*, Barcelona

Galería Zielinsky*, Barcelona

Galerie de la Scep, Marseille

Galerie Ulf Larsson, Cologne

Gallery Nosco, Marseille

House of Chappaz*, Barcelona/Valencia

Km 0.2, San Juan

La Única galería, El Salvador

Lily Robert, Paris

Max Estrella, Madrid

Montoro 12 Gallery, Brussels/Rome

Pabellón 4, Buenos Aires

Palmadotze*, Barcelona

Patricia Fleming, Glasgow

Piedras Galería, Buenos Aires

Polarraum, Hamburg

Set Espai d’Art, Valencia

SGR Galería, Bogotá

Suburbia Contemporary, Barcelona

Vangar, Valencia

Zeller Van Almsick, Vienna

3 Punts Galería*, Barcelona

More exhibitors will be published soon


Swab Emerging is a subsection of the General Program, presenting galleries with less than five years of trayectory.

Focus LATAM is incorporated as a curated section within Emerging, curated by Santiago Gasquet, co-director of PIEDRAS (Buenos Aires), who will present the most emerging proposals on the contemporary Latin American scene.

A.MORE Gallery, Milano

Andrea Festa Fine Art, Rome



Dilalica, Barcelona

Selenas Mountain, New York

LATAM Focus:

+ Arte Galería, Quito

Constitución, Buenos Aires

Margen, Santiago de Chile

Moria Galería, Buenos Aires

Selvanegra Galería, Buenos Aires

Vigil Gonzales, Cuzco

Focus Eastern Europe

Krupa Gallery, Breslavia

NoD, Prague

Ravnikar gallery, Liubliana

Photoport, Bratislava

More exhibitors will be published soon

Swab Seed

Swab Seed showcases ten independent and artist-run spaces that share experimentation as a common denominator. Swab Seed seeks to give visibility to new platforms and proposals that are shaking up the contemporary scene. For this edition, Swab Seed joins forces with Fundació Vila Casas, which sponsors the participation of four independent Catalan spaces.

AA Collections, Vienna

ad / ad, Hannover

FILAF, Perpignan

GiG Munich, Munich

New Jörg, Vienna

NVS Studio, Lisbon

Scorcher, Moscow

VF Art Projects, Luxembourg

Sponsored spaces by Fundació Vila Casas:

Chiquita Room, Barcelona

Espai Colona, Barcelona

Fase, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

Tangent Projects, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

The Green Parrot, Barcelona

Swab on Paper

This year again, Swab presents the program Swab On Paper, curated by Carolina Diez-Cascón, which explores the conceptuality and technique of this medium.
This edition focuses on photocollage, observing the deformations of photographic reality and the classic paper-collage through the manipulation of the medium itself in response to a society that reflects on its own reality and identity.


Artists: Nina E. Schönefeld, Peter Freitag and Gonzalo Reyes-Araos

Montoro12, Brussels and Rome

Artists: Larissa Sansour and Steve Sabella

Transmitter, New York

Artist: Andrea Monti

More exhibitors will be published soon

Swab Reading

Swab Barcelona presents Swab Reading, a program that aims to merge design and reading, art and publishing. This edition of Swab continues to open up a space for publishing disciplines and invites two European projects to exhibit their books

Monorhetorik, Amsterdam

Rafael Melendez, London

Video Box

Swab presents the Video Box program: “Emotional Landscapes”, curated by Karlo Andrei Ibarra & Yiyo Tirado.

Artists from the region of Central America and the Caribbean are the focus of this year’s Video Box program at the Swab Barcelona fair, as a special program dedicated to the latest video art proposals.

A total of 5 audiovisual projects will be presented under the theme ” Emotional Landscapes”. The proposals below examine the idea of climatic crises that affect everyday environments from the perspective of uncertainty, provisionality and loss as discursive elements to understand social space as well as political space.

Historically, to speak of the Caribbean is to speak of fragmentation, neo-colonial economic relations, forced migration, exodus, it is to speak of that instertitium where life is speculated at the pace of exoticization and exploitation through unsustainable development models based on extractivism. 

In short, it is to speak of a region with multiple cultural, social, political and economic symptomatologies. We take then the idea of the Caribbean not only from the point of view of independent spaces and galleries from that regional component, but we extend the invitation to spaces that coexist and resist from other cities, latitudes and/or trenches, tempering themselves to multiple realities of artistic production.

Within the framework of this edition “Emotional Landscapes” traces and weaves through 5 proposals the internal crises that in turn go into the social, environmental, political and above all human imaginary.

Dimensions Variable, Miami

Edge Zones, Miami

More exhibitors will be soon published

My First Art Fair

Selection of four young contemporary art galleries, under two years old, that still have not participated in any international fair. Swab offers this space free of charge to help promote new emerging galleries.

Duplex, Lisbon

Kino Tonalà, Ciudad de México

ORR, Brescia

Yudik One, Brescia


Curated by Caterina Almirall and Margot Cuevas, this program presents installation proposals by artists in residence at the Fàbriques de Creació in Barcelona: Fabra i Coats, Hangar and La Escocesa. The works exhibited in this section play with space and interaction with the visitor.

La Escocesa, Barcelona

Artists: Joana Capella and Helena Vinent

Hangar, Barcelona

Artist: to kosie (Katarzyna Kosierdarzka)

Fabra i Coats, Barcelona

Artist: Alexander Arilla