Swab Ephemeral 2017

Ephemeral presents a set of artworks using different time-based media such as performance, installation, or video-game to be found in and out of the fair. Using audience interaction and participation, the pieces displayed by Ephemeral will make us think about our position in an increasingly capitalist, global, and over-accelerated world, which do not let us take our time and distance to think about our role as individuals in the current society.

Miwako Kurashima – *folding cosmos.

Kurashima has chosen the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion in Barcelona, a universe made out of beauty and dignity which has a sense of movement and shares the Japanese idea of the small chamber devoted to the tea ceremony.

*folding cosmos will bring us to the Japanese chamber, in where a whole universe unfolds and expands to create a new experience, with a new sense of movement in the dynamic and flexible micro-cosmos. Through art, the inner and the outer world will be connected in the Japanese way.

Miwako Kurashima Folding Cosmos
Miwako Kurashima – Folding Cosmos.

Simon Heusser – Daydream Retreat.

Heusser will propose us to go into his retreat chamber to make us think about the dynamics of occidental working culture, which are alienating us till the extreme of needing spiritual pleasure trips in order to find ourselves.

His work is a reflection of the current social situation in which capitalism has created an individual and value-less society, pushing us to look for spiritual shelter in shamans, Hindu spirituality, and relaxation techniques. Going back to the origins, finding ourselves and think about it, seems like an impossible job, but the artist is going to help us to do so.

Olympus Digital Camera
Simon Heusser. Paradise Retreat.

Natalia Carminati – Pac-Art.

Carminati is holding a residence in Fabra i Coats and has created the piece Pac-Art, in which she is re-interpreting the classical arcade video-game Pac-Man. She transformed Pac-Man in an artist who is devouring artworks and running away from ghost-artists. This artwork has a direct reference to the artwork “Saturn Devouring his Son” by Goya, which reminds us to the classical mythology in order to explain how the fight for power is part of the human essence.

Visitors will find an arcade cabinet in the fair to play. Those willing to participate will be able to register their score and enter into a competition with other visitors, becoming part of the dynamics of our fiercely competitive society.

Natalia Carminati Pac Art
Natalia Carminati – Pac-Art.

Eva Fàbregas – Picture yourself as a block of melting butter

The work originates in Fàbregas’s interest in the evolution of the marketing industry from the seventies onwards, when it began to appropriate techniques such as psychodrama to reveal the unconscious desires of consumers. This has generated a proliferation of therapeutic subcultures on social networks, such as the phenomenon of ASMR, videos on relaxation, emotional therapy, and beauty tips, as well as the business culture of coaching.

Picture yourself as a block of melting butter – a classic mediation exercise – is also the title of this project that further explores the interest of Eva Fàbregas in the eroticism of the consumer object and the engineering of desire. Through an immersive installation that playfully appropriates the cultures of wellness and relaxation, the artists invites the audience to get immersed into a kind of health spa that provides visual and somatic experiences, and induces mental states.

Eva Fabregasmelting Butter011
Eva Fàbregas – Picture yourself as a block of melting butter

Anna García Pineda

Garcia-Pineda uses humor to propose poetic solutions to our daily tragedies. Proposals that only work within language’s own mechanisms and which ride between a seemingly naïf utopia and the most ironic and malicious absurdity. Her drawings reveal his particular vision of the world. She gathers real stories and connects unexpected facts to create narratives that offer a different perspective on the way things work.

Los azules (The Blues) is a performance in which the artist uses drawing as a ritual and where improvisation plays a central role. One action: to draw and compose live, which borrows aspects from the poetic tradition of the recital.

An installation that blurs borders and uses ceramics, drawing, and the voice to narrate a personal story, intimate yet universal.

Los Azulesboceto Previo
Anna Garcia-Pineda, Los azules.

Collaboration with:

Switzerland. Get Natural, Pos., Sp