Swab Thinks 2019

Swab Thinks 2019, aims to act as a space for training and dialogue around the course that art, collecting and exhibition platforms are taking. This year, the program focuses on discussions about women’s positions in the art world and the impact of sustainability and technology on artistic practices and current curating. Thinks is a program that cares about rethinking and debating the issues that challenge us and that lead the new artistic and exhibition approaches.

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Women, Art, Education

A conversation about the current panorama of women in the world of art: in institutions, museums, collections, galleries and art schools. The perception of others towards women and the role of education so that changes in policies and measures are carried out in favor of the different needs of women. Which are the challenges that the transformations in power relations, equality, capacity and work of women in the art world imply? 

Participants:Linn Born, Caterina Almirall and Maria Conejo (artist from Mexico en Femenino)
Moderator: Naghieli Amarista
Date: Friday September 27, 6pm.

Art Singular, Art and Health.

On March 21, the first edition of Art Singular was held in Catalonia. It is an initiative of the Josep Santacreu Foundation that aims to make visible the artistic talent of people with intellectual or mental disabilities and dignify their works by introducing them into the professional circuit. In this talk, members of the Josep Santa Creu Foundation will talk with Alicia Ventura, curator of the DKV collection and the Cuidart program, about the importance of the project, the relationship between art and health and the different challenges that a project like this presents in the scope of payments for the purchase of the works and their interference with financial assistance from institutions to patients.

Participants: Alicia Ventura and Carles Guerra.
Moderator: Eva Calatayud
Date: Saturday September 28, 1pm. 

BIENALSUR: Gender Issues In the Foreground

Is it possible that a platform for transnational contemporary art includes an agenda of strong gender imprint overcoming cultural barriers? BIENALSUR, the Biennial of Contemporary Art of South America believes so and demonstrates this in its second edition.

Participants: Marlise Ilhesca.
Date: Saturday, 28 September, 4pm.

ARTSY, Navigating the Digital Realm: Changes and Challenges Encountered by Online Gallery Owners, Collectors and Curators.

The figure of the digital curator and his role today. New approaches and opportunities in the digital world for curators, artists and art consumers. How can a good communication be reached without having a physical presence? A conversation about how the new art market is consolidating and the changes that are still to come.

Participants: Ariana Díaz, Víctor Lope and Louis Tiar
Moderates: Ángela Roldán of ARTSY
Date: Saturday, 28 September, 6pm.

An Exhibition as an Artwork Itself, Towards New Ways of Curating

What is an exhibition? What criteria form a good exhibition? Are there really spatial limits in curatorial practices? This talk rethinks the figure of the curator taking his work to a new dimension. Rethinking the museum space represents not only a transgressive curatorial action but also a possibility of shaking the proven models in the art world.To also think about the importance of the artistic residences, the different cooperations and awards that Espronceda makes possible as well as future residences in VR and how they collaborate with the curators is to open towards the curatorial gesture, an exhibition, an art center, as a provocative agent.

Participants: ESPRONCEDA Center for Art & Culture
Date: Sunday, 29 September, 1pm.

Sustainable Cultural Production

Informative talk about new design materials, emphasizing experimentation with different media and sustainable creation and production. A discussion about the importance of initiatives such as these for the construction of a better future, a sustainable future.

Participants: ECOPIXEL and CARTON LAB
Dates: Sunday, 29 September, 6pm.