We talk with Omar López-Chahoud




Omar López-Chahoud is the Artistic Director and Curator of UNTITLED, and as an independent curator he has curated and co-curated numerous exhibitions in the United States and internationally. Most recently, he curated the Nicaraguan Biennial in March 2014. López-Chahoud has participated in curatorial panel discussions at Artists' Space, Art in General, MoMA PS1, and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City. López-Chahoud earned MFAs from Yale University School of Art, and the Royal Academy of Art in London.



What does young art represent in the international panorama?

Young art represents the future of humanity and acts as a bridge between different global themes and trends that feed on current situations such as the sociopolitical context and the climate change.

What role is art going to play in a world ruled by technology and immediacy?

It has a brilliant future because technology helps access information, being an important resource of information when it comes to questioning contemporary subjects and creating a space for reflection.

What part are collectors and curators supposed to play at an art fair?

The curator plays an important role in terms of facilitating a platform to project those artistic trends that are significant and long lasting, and collectors are responsible for preserving and supporting this process with acquisitions.

Why should people attend Swab Barcelona?

There are multiple reasons to do so. Supporting a fair such as SWAB means to help a system that is essential to the development of a culture that goes from the artist to the institution that preserve art for future generations.