We talk to Giuseppe Casarotto




Giuseppe Casarotto, executive engineer, collector of contemporary art based in Bergamo Italy, He is president of the ClubGAMEC, a cultural association that promotes and supports the Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery of Bergamo, with which he is the founder of the Club GAMeC Prize, Casarotto is also co-founder of Seven-Gravity-Collection, a private group focused on the acquisition of video art works and on the promotion of young video artists.



What does young art represent in the international panorama?

I think that the art of new generations of artists is fundamental for the world scene of contemporary art. They live and represent the current time, young male and female artists are increasingly competing to emerge in a new creative proposal.

What role is art going to play in a world ruled by technology and immediacy?

Above all young artists are inclined to use the most advanced technologies to express their vision and their poetics. Today we tend to consume everything quickly and even contemporary art is involved in this aspect. Part of today's artworks will not last long, but I'm sure many new masterpieces will enter museums and continue to make art history.

What part are collectors and curators supposed to play at an art fair?

I think that the curators should contribute more to improve the artistic quality of the fairs. The best exhibitions are those in which the galleries display a project, a well-designed program and not the works they have in stock. This is the main task of the director of the fair and the chosen curators. Contemporary art collectors will appreciate the difference between the ordinary fair and the development fair.

What sets Swab Barcelona a part from other fairs? What can Swab Barcelona contribute to the art world that other fairs can not?

Swab Barcelona is not an ordinary fair, but it is one of the most international expressing the interest in artistic innovations. What to do more? I do not know well, but I would suggest to focus the event with a common current or a theme connected for example to the territory. A special opportunity to place halfway between Arco Madrid and LOOP in Spain.

Why should people attend Swab Barcelona?

Because Swab Barcelona is not just a commercial exhibition of art, but much more is an art festival where you can develop new knowledge and contacts and, of course, find an interesting work for your collection. All this in the magnificent hospitality of the city of Barcelona