We speak with Roser Figueras




Cal Cego is a private collection with no permanent exhibition venue. The Cal Cego project started in 2006 with the incorporation of Montse Badia as artistic director, part of the collection as a work tool from which we can establish collaborations with different agents. Following our aim to generate and share knowledge, since 2006 we promote, in collaboration with the University of Barcelona IL3, the Master in Contemporary Art: Context, Mediation and Management.

The collection has evolved organically and has been emphasizing different focuses of interest, starting with works related to architecture and public spaces, to end up focusing in works of a more conceptual nature and / or reflecting around to the image, the collective memory or the status of the artist, among others.



What does young art represent in the international panorama?

For artists, both young and emergent, art is a tool to express their interests and communicate what they want to say from a local position (meaning physical space) but internationally connected through new technologies. Young art is, by definition, the desire to explore, research and question all those things we just assume.

What role is art going to play in a world ruled by technology and immediacy?

Technology is part of a young artist's life, training and environment. Their artworks are produced in a technological world. On the other hand, contemporary art can be the counterpoint to this immediacy, which normally means lack of analysis and critical spirit, both very necessary in today's panorama.

What part are collectors and curators supposed to play at an art fair?

Curators can add artistic knowledge and content to make a fair special and different. The collector's role in a fair is to keep an eye on the works presented by the galleries and to find those pieces that best match their collection's concepts.

What sets Swab Barcelona a part from other fairs? What can Swab Barcelona contribute to the art world that other fairs can not?

Swab Barcelona is a local fair with an international vocation, and in this sense, galleries and artists from different geographical areas have the opportunity to show their works in a different context. Focusing on emerging art and immaterial formats is a good strategy to set the fair a part from the rest, specially because this kind of proposals are a challenge to the traditional art market standards.

Why should people attend Swab Barcelona?

To have the opportunity to see emerging proposals from young galleries that are not presented at other fairs.