We speak with Jérôme Pantalacci

The first member of the Swab Barcelona 2019's Selection Committee is Jérôme Pantalacci, founder and director of ART-O-RAMA, the contemporary art fair of Marseille. Previously, he worked at the Roger Pailhas Gallery and the “Art dealers” organization, the art fair by invitation created by Roger Pailhas, held inside the 1000 m² gallery space. Regarding his academic career, Pantalacci graduated from a master's degree in visual arts at the University of Aix-Marseille.

What does young art represent in the international panorama?

First of all, I would say that I don’t exactly know what could be « young art ». I’d prefer to speak about an emerging scene.

What the emerging scene could represent in the international panorama. It probably depends on your interests, your age and if you are a collector, of course of your budget. The emerging scene is a part of the art world’s ecosystem. And it is undoubtedly the most affordable, I mean not only financially, but in term of encounters as well. So, it can be central for you or quasi-nonexistent. 

What role is art going to play in a world ruled by technology and immediacy?

The art world doesn’t escape to the digital era. Instagram takes a prominent place. But I guess, the most important in art is the encounter, with artwork, artist or gallerist, and to take the time to exchange.

What part are collectors and curators supposed to play at an art fair?

Their role is essential. Obviously, one of the most important aspects of an art fair is the commercial part. Artists and gallerists need to sell, and collectors are buyers.

To buy an artwork is a real commitment, and it’s very important for an artist to be supported. Curators are important as well for promoting an artist. So they are the first public of an art fair.

What sets Swab Barcelona a part from other fairs? What can Swab Barcelona contribute to the art world that other fairs can not?

In my opinion, Swab is unique in highlighting the creation from two regions very connected with Spain that are Latin America and North Africa and by sustaining their emerging scene.

Why should people attend Swab Barcelona?

Attending Swab is a good opportunity to discover emerging artists and galleries, from Catalonia and abroad and to connect with the tremendous city that is Barcelona.