We speak with Alberto and Ginette Rebaza




The Rebaza Collection started off focusing on Peruvian contemporary art, but it developed into including art from Latin America and, nowadays, into featuring art from European countries, especially Spain and Portugal. The collection includes installation, photography, video and sculpture.

Alberto and Ginette like to surround themselves with art. They are attracted to the balance between content and aesthetic: artworks that both communicate experiences and reflections and show interest in form and beauty.

Alberto and Ginette founded “La Residencia de Al Lado”, a program that allows interaction between local and international creators, boosting the peruvian artistic scene around the world.



What does young art represent in the international panorama?

Young art has acquired great importance. Younger generations are more interested than ever in being reflected and surrounded by art, an art belongs to them in terms of aesthetic and concept.

What role is art going to play in a world ruled by technology and immediacy?

The same as fashion, gastronomy and culture. That is the value of uniqueness and content.

What part are collectors and curators supposed to play at an art fair?

Their play different parts. The curator must provide with the best in terms of artists, galleries and productions. It is a role of leadership, teaching and valuing the artist's work.

The collector's role is a more individual one, it consists of being aware of what does he/she wants to collect. In this sense, there are several options and all of them are valid.

A more relevant role for the collector comes when his/her collections is recognised and becomes a reference for artists and other collectors.

What sets Swab Barcelona a part from other fairs? What can Swab Barcelona contribute to the art world that other fairs can not?

Focusing on young art is a distinctive mark, as well as becoming an exhibition platform in which intense curatorial work can attract artists and art lovers.

Why should people attend Swab Barcelona?

The public has to visit Swab because it is a beautiful and efficient way of learning. Moreover, if the visitor feels attracted to one artwork, he/she will not only discover how affordable the prices are, but also the satisfaction of contributing to the development of the artistic process, in which artists obviously depend on sales to continue working, creating and contributing to our society.