The Art Train by RENFE


The Art Train, an inspiring journey aboard Renfe-SNCF trains


Swab Barcelona, ??in collaboration with RENFE-SNCF, welcomes to its 10 anniversary edition three French galleries that will exhibit at the fair for the first time, presenting new proposals of the French independent art scene to Barcelona locals. 
Gallerists and artists from Galerie Anne Barrault, Mannerheim Gallery and Galerie Richard travel to Barcelona to participate in the fair on a high speed train ride full of inspiration and art. The trip, sponsored by RENFE-SNCF, will be documented in a journal, where you will be able to follow the journey of the artists through their own looks.
This journal will be launched through the social networks of the artists themselves, Swab Barcelona, ??galleries and RENFE-SNCF. The public will be able to see the photos of the 5 ambassador artists’ trip, discovering their observations and reflections aboard the inspiring trains.
RENFE-SNCF is associated with and supports art as the sponsor of a project that strengthens cultural exchange and supports young artists.


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