Swab wishes you a Happy New Year 2023 


Swab Barcelona wishes you a great start of the year and to welcome it we propose you to celebrate as we closed the edition of Swab 2022. 
Did you enjoy the amazing music of Dübbel G and the wonderful cocktails of Cointreau? Repeat the party with all your loved ones enjoying the ‘Swab 2022 live set closing party’ session and create your own cocktails at home following the recipes that Cointreau offers below.

Warm up this 2023 to meet us again from 5 to 8 October at Swab Barcelona!

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1. Music by Dübbel G
Revive Swab 2022 Closing Party

Sobre Dübbel G

We all know what an actual good party is, right? Of course we know because we’ve been enjoying them together in every SWAB edition! A great party is somewhere where you arrive soon, half shy, by yourself or with your small group of partners in crime. Where you start ordering some drink, turn your panoramic view on, analyze the location, people arriving, you move your head and knees like if you had some kind of soft spring because of the music…
You order the second one; the music starts getting more funky than expected, you clap and move your hands, spring moves are making you feel that you want to go to the bar to order another one. And just after ordering the third you start feeling that everything is getting hot. You listen to some unknown music that tastes like a hit, then another, then someone starts talking to you and say “the music is great, right?”. Then you are not sure if it’s because of the drink, but you really wanna keep dancing and make friends and jump.
It’s not the drinks!  It’s the music from Dübbel G!

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Gerard (@gerardsun_) and Gonzalo (@gonokiwi) two music lovers that meet together in the @neonizednet project and who team up to bring you vibes from soul to hardcore, from disco to techno, from jazz to hits as you could listen in swab parties.
Neinized was born in 2007 as a blog-zine dedicated to the best electronic music. It became a record label, artists agency and one of the big meeting points of talents from Barcelona scene the last decade.

2. Cocktails by Cointreau
Follow the recipes and enjoy

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About Cointreau

Cointreau is the world’s leading triple-sec orange liqueur and is widely present on all five continents. Since its origins in 1849, the Maison Cointreau expresses the same authenticity, inspired by the creative impulse that brought it to life. Balance, moments, pleasure, style… the recipe of this transparent orange liqueur has preserved its original authenticity since its creation. Its character and excellence rely on the selection of the best sweet and bitter orange peels, a meticulous task entrusted to the Master Distiller of the Maison Cointreau, Carole Quinton. Its superior quality makes it a “must” among bartenders and has earned it a place in the world’s most respected bars. Amer Global Brands exclusively distributes and develops the brands of the Rémy Cointreau group in Spain, including Rémy Martin, The Botanist and Cointreau, among others.

Enjoy this New Year’s Eve with the winter cocktails that Cointreau brings for you, perfect to toast this holiday season and surprise your guests.

Cointreau Photo The Sparkling Margaritagroup

Sparkling Margarita

Toast with the sparkling version of the Margarita, a reinvented classic with which you are sure to succeed.

Ingredients: 2 cl of Cointreau, 3 cl of Tequila Blanco, 1.5 cl of fresh lime juice, 1 tablespoon of simple syrup and 1 shake of edible pearl powder (optional).

• Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and add ice
• Shake and strain into a chilled glass
• Add sparkling wine
• Garnish with a slice of lime

Cointreau Photo Cointreauroyal

Cointreau Royale

There is nothing like welcoming 2023 with champagne and this cocktail is ideal to celebrate the New Year in an extraordinary way.

Ingredients: 3 cl of Cointreau and 9 cl of champagne.

• Pour the Cointreau in a chilled champagne glass.
• Top with champagne
• Garnish with a slice of orange

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Alt’ Margarita

A perfect combination of ingredients that, despite its simplicity, never disappoints and always surprises.

Ingredients: 2 cl of Cointreau, 2 cl of lime juice, 10 cl of Botanical Water.

• Combine all the ingredients in a glass full of ice
• Stir briefly
• Garnish with a slice of lime

Cointreau Photo Ritz

Ritz Cocktail

This cocktail debuted in the famous Rainbow Room and was invented by Dale DeGroff, won’t you try it?

Ingredients: 1.5 cl Cointreau, 0.5 cl fresh lemon juice, 0.5 cl Maraschino, 2 cl Rémy Martin V.S.O.P. cognac and 4.5 cl champagne.

• Mix all the ingredients, except the champagne, in a cocktail shaker
• Add ice, shake until well chilled and strain into a chilled Old Fashioned glass
• Top up with champagne and garnish with a twist of lemon

Cointreau Photo Holiday Margarita

Holiday Margarita

Rosemary, sugar rim, cinnamon… a very Christmassy Margarita that you will love.

Ingredients: 3 cl Cointreau, 5 cl white tequila, 2 cl fresh lime juice, 6 drops of aromatic bitters.

• Combine all ingredients in a shaker and add ice
• Shake and strain into a coupe glass rimmed with cinnamon sugar
• Garnish with a rosemary sprig

Cointreau Photo The Cos Glow

The Cos-Glow

A safe choice for cocktail lovers that never fails.

Ingredients: 2 cl of Cointreau, 6 cl of vodka, 2 cl of fresh lime juice, 10 fresh blueberries.

• Add the Cointreau and the cranberries in a shaker and mix
• Add the rest of the ingredients to the shaker with ice and shake
• Strain well into a martini glass or coupe glass
• Garnish with chopped cranberries


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