Swab Thinks 2020


Swab Thinks is a space for open dialogue between artists, curators, collectors, cultural managers and the general public to think together about the transformations of the contemporary world and the place of artistic practice in it.

This year, and due to Covid-19, Swab Thinks 2020 offers the audience a program of dynamic talks such as round tables, studio visits or tours trough private collections, providing a platform for visibility and interaction for you to get involved in this edition of the digital fair, trying to create a virtual reality close to what we would have in a real contact.

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1 + 1

Discover the faces and stories behind the Swab 2020 exhibitors.

The 1+1 program are 2 minute clips where the artists and galleries of this edition present a more intimate look at their works, working spaces and processes, making the virtual world an ideal space for interconnectivity.

Via: Instagram & Vimeo

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Get to know the workplace where Ephemeral artists think, live and create their work.

10 min x 3 processes are ten-minute capsules where you can get to know the work spaces of three artists from the Ephemeral program of the Factories of Creation of Barcelona: Fabra i Coats, Hangar and La Escocesa.

Participants: Maria Alcaide (Fabra i Coats), Eulàlia García (Hangar) and Paula Bruna (La Escocesa).

Via: Instagram & Vimeo

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In Da House

In Da House covers the perception of Catalan artists on the issue of borders and the image of Barcelona from the hermeneutic and as a physical space.

It will consist on a dialogue between the Vila Casas Foundation and the Swab Seed participants sponsored by the foundation, moderated by David Armengol.

Participants: Cristòfol Oliver & Lluís Nadal (Directors of Groc Projects), Oliver Collet (Director of Homesession), Claudio Frost and Laura Sttecase (Directors of La Trastera) and Trama 34 Collective.

When: coming soon
Time: coming soon
Where: Zoom pre-registration (coming soon)

The Artist’s Home – ESPRONCEDA

The winning artists of the Espronceda Price will talk about their experience as artists in residence in a year in which the world is experiencing a pandemic, long periods of isolation and uncertainty.

Participants: Savina Tarsitano, Holger & Henrik Sprengel (Directors of Espronceda) and the winners of Espronceda Price: Andrés Waissman (Gachi Prieto) and Gillian King (Galerie Nicolas Robert).

When: Saturday October 10th
Time: coming soon
Where: Zoom pre-registration (coming soon)