Swab Thinks 2018

Swab Thinks is a space for open dialogue and discussion that brings together artists, curators, collectors and art managers, in order to think about the transformations in contemporary society and the place that the artistic practice occupies within it. Swab Thinks takes place inside the fair, from september 27 to 30.

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From the Swab Ephemeral program we present two talks iwith the participation of the program’s curator. These meetings contribute to the objective of the program, where not only the pieces are exhibited but also provides a platform for communication and immersion from emerging art to other spheres, and to the topics and movements that shake the creative field of artists. Hand in hand with program artists and cultural managers, these talks will provide a reflection of the intentions and trends that are taking place around emerging art.

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In this talk the piece of Julia Gorostidi present in SWAB, “Julia Rosa, Angela … Eva”, and all the materials she has generated, will be the starting point to talk about fictitious identities and their presence in social networks. Three social scientists of different specialties will participate to debate, from the work of Gorostidi, the social implications that derive from it. The project includes a level of reflection on stereotypes, especially gender and race, that influence the formation of identity, problems that will be discussed during the event.

“Julia Rosa, Angela, … Eva” is a one-year performative research in which the artist creates a fictitious identity and this evolves from interactions in social networks or performances. From it derive a series of works by Julia Gorostidi of which a part can be seen at the SWAB fair in Barcelona, within the framework of the Ephemeral program.

Participants: Teresa López Pellissa (Humanities and Literature), Beatriz Patraca Dibildox (Anthropology of Communication), Felipe Corredor Álvarez (Social Psychologist).

Moderator: Julia Gorostidi

Time: Friday september 28, 6pm.

The role of Creation Factories in emerging art

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Talk with the directors of the Creation Factories of Barcelona that, together with the curator Caterina Almirall, they will talk about how the emerging art scene in the city is projected. The challenges faced by emergent creative projects that seek to break through in other spheres and what commitments do the Factories and their managers have facing emergent creation.

Participants: Carles Sala (Fabra i Coats), Enric Puig (La Escocesa), Lluis Nacenta (Hangar) 

Moderadotor: Caterina Almirall

Time: Saturday september 29, 12:30am


Network, globalization and the search of identity 

We are at a time where society is globalized by channels such as instagram, pinterest and other social networks. Trends that become global, being inputs that reach the current artists and generates a threat to genuine creativity. We will talk about whether it is possible to look at art as a globalized field with generalized artistic tendencies. Are the styles unifying and losing identity? Or, is the identiti being resignified by resurfacing forgotten traditional techniques such as tapestry or ceramics?

We analyze the trends and social moments that have marked previous decades and reflect on this current phenomenon, where it can lead or how it is affecting the new panorama of young artists in different geographical areas.

Participants: Omar López-Chahoud, Rodrigue Mouchez

Moderator: Harold Berg

Time: Saturday september 29, 6pm


Swab Barcelona introduces a space dedicated to art professionals and general public interested in art collecting, which will address topics related to the legal and tax aspects of the art business. Presented by the law firm Cuatrecasas. 

Tax aspects every collector, artist and gallerist should know

An informative talk about the key aspects to keep in mind regarding acquisition, keep, sale, and export of artworks, from a legal and taxation perspective. The talk provides the essencials of tax benefits that collectors can take advantage of, aspects to keep in mind when exporting artworks, and the general tax reatment of related operations. 

Participants:to confirm

Time: Sunday september 30, 1pm


For the sencond time Swab Seed organizes a talk with representatives of each one of the participating porjects and spaces of the curated program. It is a space for debate that encourages sharing of similiarities, objectives and the issues that define the independent art practice. 

New ways of doing

The talks is an opportunity to discuss new arts management models, their possibilities and limitation of non traditiona models, and how new initiatives can break into the art markert, all from the unique perspective othe projects and spaces that take part in the Swab Seed 2018 program.

Participants:The Switch, Mutt Collective, Square Projects, Estudio 101, Satélite.

Moderator:Danny Baez

Time: Sunday september 30, 6pm