Swab talks with ZA!

“I am art. I am Barcelona. I am Swab ” is a series of interviews with relevant people of the Barcelona creative environment, whose aim is to enhance the cultural network of the city.

Today we meet ZA!, a Barcelona musical duo that is increasingly gaining more following for its unusual and attractive mix of genres and instruments.

I am ZA!. I am art. I am Barcelona. I am Swab.


A word that describes Barcelona?
Then there are others that complement it, such as: Mix. Store. Neighborhood. Brand. Inspiration. Airbnb. Meeting. Subsoil. Catalan Baguetin.

Is your place of creation, the studio, inspired by your city?
We are currently residents of Fabra i Coats – Fàbrica de Creació, so we have a place there. It is an industrial complex with a long history behind it, there is a lot of associative and neighborhood fabric and the community of residents is very varied, committed and active. A truly inspiring site, yes.

If Barcelona was an art work, what would you name it?
SH-AKIRA, a dystopian animated film located in Neo-Barcelona (Barcelona after the Great Millennial Pandemic War) where the TurisBots (slave robots to serve tourists) rebel against humans until Sh-Akira (robot artist resident in Barcelona and taxpayer in the Virgin Islands) removes them all with the help of COBI-3000 (an android inspired by the Mariscal prototype).

A place in the city that connects you with art?
More than a physical place it is the artistic space to which groups such as Ojalá Estë Mi Bici, The Good Good, Empiric, El Pumarejo, Mutan Monkey, l’Afluent, Hi Jauh USB, Màgia Roja …

A message to young creatives?
Hello young creatives! As creative old geezers we can only tell you: know your environment, feel part of a community, do not trust expectations, beware of the sulphur that wants to seduce you and do not pay much attention to the advice of old geezers.