Swab talks with Susanna Corchia

“I am art. I am Barcelona. I am Swab ” is a series of interviews with relevant people of the Barcelona creative environment, whose aim is to enhance the cultural network of the city.

Today meet Susanna Corchia, cultural manager and director of the Barcelona Gallery Weekend.

I am Susanna Corchia. I am art. I am Barcelona. I am Swab.


A word that describes Barcelona?

Is your place of creation, the studio, inspired by your city?
I am lucky to live so close to the sea that my workplace is filled with sea breezes. I leave the city for other moments.

If Barcelona was an art work, what would you name it?
In Search of Lost Time.

A place in the city that connects you with art?
There is art in every corner. Look, listen, and smell calmly and you will connect.

A message to young creatives?
Think about the environment. With art you can touch many keys, so take advantage of the communicative and emotional power of art to sensitize and create in a sustainable way.