Swab 2021 Curator Talks with Giuseppe Casarotto

Swab Barcelona talks to the members of the 2021 selection committee.
Today we speak with… Giuseppe Casarotto

Swab Barcelona is proud to present its selection committee, which will be in charge of casting the international and national galleries that will be part of the program of its 14th edition.

Giuseppe Casarotto, executive engineer and contemporary art collector based in Bergamo, Italy. He is president of ClubGAMEC, a cultural association that promotes and supports the Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery of Bergamo, of whose Club GAMEC Prize he is a founder. Casarotto is also co-founder of Seven-Gravity-Collection, a private group focused on the acquisition of video art and the promotion of young video artists.

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In a single sentence, how would you describe your collection?
A collection of artist’s gestures, mainly conceptual, that keeps me company for more than 30 years.

What are three traits you look for in an emerging artist?
Talent, original in novelty, multimedia.

What’s a piece of your collection you are currently obsessed with?
The ‘Piece’ is a large jute sack containing coal and some colored glass fragments, held in place by iron wires, by Jannis Kounellis.

If you could give a piece of advice for emerging artists that are starting off in 2021, what would it be?
Do not stop studying and above all attend and visit all possible art exhibitions, do not follow trends and believe in their vocation with help of young curators and young galleries.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned while selecting galleries for Swab? 
I learned that some galleries after a participation do not repeat the following year, in my opinion a mistake because the main visitors of Swab prefer to have an ongoing relationship with the gallery owners.

Tell us something a fair must and something a fair must-not for you to find it interesting?
Generally speaking for all the international fairs, I think having a precise focus is the right to do, instead of trying to cover everything and more. I believe Swab is on the right track.

What are you looking forward to seeing in Swab 2021?
After a year of reduced attendance at artistic events, I would like to see more booths set-up as exhibitions by one or more artists, not only a presentations of  art-works.

Swab 2021 Selection Committee

Jérôme Pantalacci
Domenico de Chirico
Omar Lopez-Chahoud

Giuseppe Casarotto
Jose Luis Lorenzo
Marie Elena Ángulo


SWAB 2021 exhibitors submissions are now open.

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