Swab 2021 Curator Talks with Domenico de Chirico

Swab Barcelona talks to the members of the 2021 selection committee.
Today we speak with… Domenico de Chirico

Swab Barcelona is proud to present its selection committee, which will be in charge of selecting the international and national galleries that will be part of the program of its 14th edition.

ITALY, INDEPENDENT CURATOR.- Domenico de Chirico is an independent curator from Italy. Born in Bari in 1983, he lives and works in Milan. From 2011 until 2015 he was a professor in “Visual Culture” and “Trend Research” at Milan’s European Institute of Design (IED). He collaborates with a number of international artists, galleries, institutions, art fairs, art prizes, and magazines worldwide. He has been artistic director at DAMA Fair, Turin (2016-2019). He was also a visiting tutor at Goldsmiths, University of London (2018) and a member of the Network Event for Young Curators, LISTE – Art Fair Basel, Basel (2018). Upcoming projects and researches (2020/21): Swab Barcelona Contemporary Art Fair, Barcelona (committee member); Roma Arte in Nuvola: Fiera internazionale d’arte contemporanea, Rome, Italy (advisor); Lecture at the Academy of Applied Arts, Prague; Guest curator at Swiss Institute, Rome (visiting tutor); MIA Art Fair, Milan (curator). Upcoming exhibitions in various venues and cities, among which: Milan, Venice, Florence, Antwerp, Rome, Caserta, Bologna, Timișoara, Marbella, Ghent, Frankfurt, and so forth. 


What are you busy working with at the moment?
It’s a thing that I’m working on. However, in spite of the difficulties caused by the virus, I am currently working on several projects both in Italy and abroad.

What would you say are the common patterns that define your curatorial work?
Surely, the most common pattern consists of: open-mindedness, a certain sensitivity, flexibility, discipline, caution and care, curiosity, and a strong need of discovering and studying.

What are three traits you look for in an emerging artist?
Quality, identity and foresight, among others.

Tell us something from the art world you’d like to see more of and something you’d like to see less of in 2021?
Undoubtedly: more meritocracy, less prejudice.

If you could give a piece of advice for emerging galleries that are starting off in 2021, what would it be?
Even if I’m not the best person in giving advice, surely being focused, avoiding dispersion. I’d say that’s a reasonable request, given the circumstances.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned while selecting galleries for Swab?
A pleasant positive surprise when galleries realize that – at SWAB – it is very important to highlight the added value, in terms of democracy.

What are you looking forward to seeing in Swab 2021?
A nice weather as always, positive vibes, and something new to be discovered. 

Swab 2021 Selection Committee

Jérôme Pantalacci
Domenico de Chirico
Omar Lopez-Chahoud

Giuseppe Casarotto
Jose Luis Lorenzo
Marie Elena Ángulo


SWAB 2021 exhibitors submissions are now open.

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