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SWAB RADIO presents a series of conversations in which we address the issues of identity, tradition and future that transversally occupy the proposals presented in this 17th edition of SWAB.

The curators, artists and gallerists participating in the fair will address issues about the potential of art in the formation of cultural identities. They will also discuss the various ways in which many art forms draw from their local traditions to express their identity in a globalized and hypermediated world. In this context, SWAB RADIO will open dialogues on what is today the relationship of attachment or de-association with our roots and how we build our identities as we move towards a future that seems increasingly homogeneous. 


The objects and bodies present in “The blue color of my sky” turn our gaze towards the traditions of Barcelona and Taipei that converge in SOLO SHOW. Their artistic proposals also point to a tomorrow in which emerging art and its circulation play a decisive role in shaping the collective identities that will mark the futures of these metropolises. 

In Barcelona, a city known for its rich artistic and cultural tradition, a vibrant emerging art scene has sprung in recent decades, driven by a network of independent spaces that provide a platform of creativity for young artists.

Taipei has also seen significant growth in its emerging art scene in recent years. In the city, cultural influences from across the Asian continent converge, creating an eclectic scene, marked by artistic experimentation and the use of technology, which have made it a reference for Southeast Asia.

Participants: to be confirmed
Date: Oct 4th, 2024



We engage in a conversation with the three gallerists representing the galleries selected for the MyFAF program. 

TUBE from Palma de Mallorca, a city that is becoming an important focus for young galleries; PLATO from Évora; Portugal, a region with a growing economic and housing crisis, hostile for emerging galleries and Studio/Chapple, from London, which opens in the context of the post Brexit era, in which the rich and dynamic city becomes a complex scenario for the beginnings of a young gallery.

Participants: to be confirmed
Date: Oct 4th, 2024

Foto Obra Mattia Guarnera 4 Tube Gallery


Talking about Latin American art in terms of pre-colonialism, colonialism and post-colonialism is essential to understanding the complex historical, cultural and social dynamics that have influenced and continue to influence the region’s identities and artistic productions today. 

In so-called post-colonial art, many artists use their work to resist and critique the power structures inherited from colonialism, exploring new forms of identity. 

We open a dialogue on new identities, interests and trends in emerging Latin American art. 

Participants: to be confirmed
Date: Oct 5, 2024

Emerging Latam Tramo An Unexpected Reality Nicolás Romero Escalada 2023 33x41 Oil And Acrylic On Cotton


Japan has maintained a strong cultural continuity with its tradition, in part due to its relative historical isolation until the Meiji era in the late 19th century, when it began to open up more to other cultures. This continuity is reflected today in the preservation of traditional practices in the fields of design, architecture, rituals and art.

On the other hand, South Korea experienced rapid industrialization and modernization in the second half of the 20th century after the Korean War. This transition implied significant social and economic changes, which sometimes led to a break with certain traditions.

We discuss the art scenes in Japan and Seoul and their relationship to their respective traditions. 

Participants: to be confirmed
Date: Oct 5, 2024



Collectible design is distinguished by its ability to turn functional objects into unique and valuable works of art. These pieces, often produced in limited editions or as exclusive creations, are the result of a creative process that integrates aesthetics, innovation and master craftsmanship, blurring the boundaries between the mutually influencing disciplines of art and design.

Participants: to be confirmed

Date: 5 Oct, 2024

Lpdo Le Jardin Extraordinaire Françoisbauer Photoaesthetestudio 59


The late capitalism or hyper-fashion era is governed by the constant desire for renewal and discarding that feeds our consumption habits. According to sociologist and philosopher Gilles Lipovetsky, art and its market do not escape from these logics, being a sector in which its trends, interests and modes of operation are constantly changing. We will explore the changes gallerists have detected in the sector and the trends they believe are to come. 

Participants: to be confirmed

Date: 6 Oct, 2024

Julio Varela, Jersey De Fresas, 2022, Oil Painting On Linen 167.5 X 123 Cm


The art market is a space of change and transformation. Increasingly, artist collectives are finding new forms of agency over the marketing and production of their work. Around SWAB SEED, a program dedicated to independent spaces and new gallery formats, we look at the opportunities and challenges for them to promote their activity in these types of self-managed spaces. 

Participants: to be confirmed

Date: 6 Oct, 2024

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