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MYFAF & Swab Reading 2022

Swab presents MYFAF & Swab Reading 2022

The programs of My First Art Fair (MYFAF) and Swab Reading present two of the young spotlights in the fair’s programming, responding to our firm vocation of being a showcase for new trends.

This year MYFAF presents a selection of three young contemporary art galleries, under two years old, that still have not participated in any international fair. Swab offers this space free of charge to help promote new emerging galleries

On the other hand, Swab Reading is a program that aims to merge design and reading, art and publishing. This edition of Swab continues to open up a space for publishing disciplines and invites two European projects to exhibit their books.

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Rafael Melendez, London. Swab Reading


Armenia Studio, Milan

Kokanas, Marseille

LUPO, Milan


Highchair Editions, London

Monorhetorik, Amsterdam

Rafael Melendez, London

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Armenia Studio, Milan. MYFAF

Kokanas, Marseille. MYFAF

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Highchair Editions, London. Swab Reading

Monorhetorik, Amsterdam. Swab Reading