Swab Picnic


Swab 2019 builds its project around certain fundamental values, sustainability, design and the balance between innovation and tradition.

In the first place, the gastronomic space of the fair will feature Flash Flash, a reference restaurant in Barcelona with 50 years full of history, design and modernity, Cervezas Tibidabo, which will present their artisan beer made in Barcelona and Bruxo, a mezcal that is made by balancing the long tradition of this drink with innovative elements. In addition to offering a product of outstanding quality, the three proposals will eliminate the use of plastic, promoting the environmental awareness conservation. In this line, the official water of Swab 2019 is Only Water, which brings to the fair its 100% recyclable packaging made from renewable raw materials.

La Foto 3 2
Flash Flash.

Swab’s philosophy is also reflected in the furniture, and this year the fair will feature three proposals that unite design and sustainability: CartonLab, which works with cardboard furniture and Ecopixel, which produces pieces of furniture through the recycling of the plastic . The two of them will participate in the Swab Thinks program with an interesting talk focused on artists to introduce them to the new materials and possibilities of sustainable creation.

Lampara Carton Montaje Instalacion Cartonlab 02

The third proposal comes from the prestigious Japanese firm MUJI, which, together with design and welfare, will create an aromatherapy and meditation area for visitors to enjoy a moment of rest.