Swab on Paper

Swab presents Swab on Paper 2021




Swab on Paper, curated by Carolina Diez-Cascón, presents for this new edition a selection of 6 projects that come together in the search to communicate the present under the reinterpreted technique of collage, taking its roots in immediacy, as well as the expression of the collection of the object and the value of the artist himself. As Marcel Duchamp said: the «found object», according to which whatever an artist chooses is sacred as «art».

The collage leaves its most purist technique (form) and transfers its conceptual dimension to digital, photographic and pictorial fields as a tool to capture the current history of each artist, so that its collecting essence plays with the most personal language of each one by grouping and associating elements or new realities to the meaning of their own thought or social opinion.

“The definition of the present extends between a forward and a backward. The backward limit is simple: it is the passage from the present to what is becoming the past, that is, today, the immediate. But going forward is where the real problem lies, because the definitions and boundaries are not as clear and clear as one might think.” Erançois Bédarida, Definition, method and practice of the History of the Present Tense.

Following the reflection of Bédarida, and taking the notion of the present time as the lived experience, Swab on Paper is a journey through 6 projects that speak intimately of each of the selected artists, 6 proposals that reflect their instincts and internal reflections influenced by the social conditions of the present.

A Pick Gallery,Turín
Artistas: Gema Rupérez y Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos

Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus ThomanViena
Artista: Dieter Fuchs

Artistas: Nina E. Schönefeld, Peter Freitag y Gonzalo Reyes-Araos

Montoro12Bruselas y Roma
Artistas: Larissa Sansour y Steve Sabella

Patrick Heide Contemporary ArtLondres
Artistas: Alice Quaresma, Susan Stockwell e Irina Magurean

TransmitterNueva York
Artista: Andrea Monti


A Pick Gallery

Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman


Lage Egal

Patrick Heide Contemporary Art

B E A S W A B B E R !

October 7 to 10, 2021.
Pabellón italiano (Fira de Montjuïc), 
Barcelona, Spain.