Swab Kids

Every year, Swab dedicates a section of the fair to children, enhancing their creativity and integrating art into its growth process. This edition, the children’s area hosts an artistic proposal that stimulates the senses, so it adopts the name Swab Kids Senses. A space in collaboration with Fundación Ernesto Ventós, which proposes a sensory laboratory in which smells play a leading role. The aesthetics transcends the visual and acquires a new dimension.

Swab Kids Senses works with the idea that children’s creativity has no limits, and that contact with art is a fundamental part of a kid development.

Swab Kids Oler

SMELL – Fundación Ernesto Ventós. Barcelona.

The different works of NASEVO, exhibited at their stand at SWAB, will be presented to the participant children. They will wonder about the content of each work, explain who their NASEVO author is and what smell they would assign to each one.

They will investigate the essences they carry (as many as works) to relate each one to a work. They will smell every work. They will know what essence NASEVO had assigned to each one, which does not have to be coincident with theirs. Finally each one of them will decorate or paint a cardboard nose and assign a smell to it. Participants will be able to take that nose home as a souvenir.

This workshop aims to develop one of the main objectives of the Ernesto Ventós Foundation, which is based on establishing a clear relationship between contemporary art and smell. NASEVO’s works will be presented and establish a link with some of the essences that are offered. The workshop is open to children of different ages, who may be accompanied (if desired) by parents.


Thursday, 26 of September
Workshop from 6pm to 7pm

Friday, 27 of September
Workshop from 6pm to 7pm

Saturday, 28 of September
Workshop from 12.30pm to 1.30pm
Workshop from 5pm to 6pm
Workshop from 6pm to 7pm 

Sunday, 29 of September
Workshop from12.30pm to 1.30pm
Workshop from 5pm to 6pm
Workshop from 6pm to 7pm 

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