Swab dedicates a space at the fair to the youngest art lovers, Swab Kids. So that the little ones can enjoy the fair as much as the older ones.

Swab Kids, through Mister Karton House, will offer artistic workshops that will stimulate the most creative side of children, while they learn ways to imagine and create from sustainability.

Mister Karton House is a passionate and creative company founded by Martín and Mireia, based in Mataró, Barcelona, with roots in Patagonia. Their mission is to transform childhood through imagination and sustainability. They design and produce eco-friendly children’s games and decorations, mainly made of cardboard or cardboard and wood, that inspire children to explore their creativity and connect with nature. From personalised products to unique decorative elements, Mister Karton House promotes a playful and sustainable approach to child development, fostering confidence, authenticity and a passion for a greener world. Join their journey towards a healthier planet and happier children

Activities and workshops:


During these workshops they will work with pieces of microflute cardboard in different sizes and with different laces. The children will take charge of their own creation, choosing their own colours and assembling the pieces to create a collective masterpiece.

This unique project not only encourages collaboration and group decision-making, but also allows young artists to experiment with cardboard sculpture.

During the days of the fair, the children will be able to follow the process of the piece they will have participated in being completed by the rest of the children until the final result.


In this workshop, they will have the opportunity to explore the artistic world, where children will be able to immerse themselves in creativity and take home their own cardboard masterpieces.

Choose from a variety of figures:

Cardboard Cars: Little artists will be able to assemble and customize their own cardboard cars, adding unique touches of color and style.

Cardboard Cactus: Children create their own thornless cactus garden.

Magical Beings: Children will be able to transform cardboard fairies and butterflies by bringing them to life with their creativity.

How It Works:

  1. Choose their creative adventure.
  2. Personalize your creation with unique colors and details.
  3. Take home your cardboard artwork.

In the Mister Karton House space you can also purchase Mr Karton House products, ready to be transformed by your creativity into something unique, either at the fair or in the comfort of your home.

A wide variety of cardboard products will be on display, from cars, butterflies, fairies, cacti, hot air balloons, musical instruments, and mini-worlds filled with amazing animals.

The best part is, these crafts offer a truly unique experience where you can immerse yourself in the fun of creating and making your own artwork.