Swab Kids 2021

As every year, Swab dedicates an area of the fair to the youngest art lovers, Swab Kids, an open space where children can experiment with their creativity. This edition, Swab is collaborating with Los Superpoderes del Arte (LSDA) and Grapat to bring artistic practice to the little ones. 

Grapat, a family project that makes toys specially designed to stimulate children’s creativity, is making its pieces available to Swab Kids for a workshop with LSDA, a Barcelona gallery dedicated to children’s audiences. 

The Grapat toys will be the protagonists of the workshop by an artist from LSDA, who will propose activities for kids to play and experiment by intervening with the materials.

From the concept of African origin “UBUNTU” that we can translate as “Humanity towards other people”, “if everyone wins you win” or “I am because we are”, we propose the creation of a large mural piece that represents the union of the individual work of each of the children who participate: a “whole” thanks to collaboration and a common final goal.

A large tree with many branches painted directly on the walls of the stand by the artist Vanessa Linares will serve to represent this union. The children will use the Grapat “nins” pieces to represent themselves and their families, creating small units in boxes that will later be hung on the branches of the big tree.

Parallel to this section of the fair, a meeting has been programmed for parents and mothers artists. This meeting will serve as a space for reflection and open conversation about the reconciliation of motherhood/parenthood and artistic practice.

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