Swab Barcelona presents MyFAF: A boost for young galleries

Abel Mota, Plato Gallery.

Swab Barcelona continues to strengthen its commitment to newly established spaces through the My First Art Fair (MyFAF) program, supported by Swab Barcelona Foundation. An essential part of the fair’s identity, MyFAF is the section that groups and promotes galleries that have been around for less than two years and are exhibiting for the first time at an international fair. In each edition, grants are awarded to three spaces, providing them with a unique opportunity to enter the circuit.

The primary goal of Swab Foundation, in launching these scholarships, is to discover and promote new talents, facilitating the entry of innovative projects into the dynamic realm of international art fairs. This initiative reinforces Swab’s mission to serve as a hub for new ideas and trends while highlighting its role as a launching platform for emerging artistic voices.

MyFAF 2024 presents the projects PLATO from Évora, Portugal, Studio/Chapple from London, and TUBE Gallery from Palma de Mallorca.

PLATO is a multidisciplinary platform for creation, experimentation, and production dedicated to contemporary art. Previously typography and later a fish market, now as an art gallery, we propose a diversified curatorial program with focus on contemporary culture. PLATO acts both locally and globally, bringing together national and international artists and curators, both established and emerging, in constant dialogue with various audiences. The project started from the increasingly urgent need to decentralize the contemporary exhibition and art centers. Inserted in an urban territory in increasing transformation, PLATO introduces itself as an invitation for the confluence of different artistic practices. For the 2024 edition, PLATO presents artists Abel Mota (Portugal, 1999), Eduardo António (Brazil, 1991), Mariana Rebola (Portugal, 1995), Teresa Arega (Portugal, 1997), and Tiago Rocha Costa (Portugal, 1995).

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Tiago Rocha Costa Insect Bunkers, 2022. Plato Gallery.

Studio/Chapple is a contemporary art gallery in Deptford, South-East London. Positioned at the intersection between contemporary art, club culture and sonic production, the gallery activates a unique conversation that highlights the relationship between sonic and visual artistic ecologies. Our programme calls on a diverse range of practices that are united in their theoretical and conceptual rigour, and embodiment of critical discourse, extending beyond exhibitions into performances, gigs, radio and club nights. Studio/Chapple features Estefanía B. Flores (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain) and Theresa Weber (1996, Düsseldorf) in this edition.

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Theresa Weber, Deep Sea Creature III (2023), Studio/Chapple.

TUBE Gallery, founded in June 2023 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, is a dynamic contemporary art gallery with a strong focus on emerging art. Its mission revolves around fostering cultural exchange and facilitating intercultural and intermedial dialogue. Tube Gallery achieves this by showcasing a wide range of artists, from emerging talents to established figures in the art world. This inclusive approach highlights the gallery’s commitment to promoting artistic diversity and providing a platform for creative expression. At Swab 2024, TUBE Gallery presents Mattia Guarnera-MacCharthy (1999, UK) and Jack Burton (1988, Cardiff, UK). 

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Mattia Guarnera, Mystic Cool (2024) exhibition, Tube Gallery.

Swab Barcelona Foundation and Swab Friends supporting MyFAF

At the Swab Barcelona Foundation, we are firmly committed to supporting independent galleries and spaces as they enter the international fair circuit. We recognize the importance of providing opportunities to these projects at the early stages of their journey, which is why we have launched the MyFAF (My First Art Fair) program for over 10 editions.

To support this initiative, Swab Barcelona Foundation has created the Swab Friends program, opening doors to individuals and businesses who wish to contribute to the funding of the program in future editions. Each collaborator’s contribution allows us to continue providing this opportunity to emerging galleries and artists, fostering the promotion of new voices in contemporary art.

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Estefanía B. Flores, Magical spring II [spell card] (2023). Studio/Chapple.


If you are interested in becoming a Swab Friend, learning more, or contributing to the MyFAF program, please contact us at partners@swab.es.


– Exclusive Swab Friends tour during the fair.
– 1 VIP pass per donation, including entry to the fair during Opening Day and the rest of the days for two people + access to exclusive activities and events.
– Introduction to the galleries and artists of the MYFAF program.
– 1 edition Tote Bag.
– Personalized Start Collecting advisory service.
Donation amount:
– Minimum donation option of 80 euros/edition.


– Exclusive Swab Friends tour during the fair.
– 5 VIP passes per donation for the company team, including entry to the fair during Opening Day and the rest of the days for two people per pass + access to exclusive activities and events.
– Introduction to the galleries and artists of the program.
– Company logo on the Swab website + newsletter about the MyFAF program mentioning the companies and organizations that are part of Swab Friends.
– Start Collecting advisory service for interested employees.
– Possibility of organizing an informative talk on the art market and starting a collection for interested employees.
– Exclusive personalized discount on Swab Barcelona tickets for company employees.
Donation amount:
– Minimum donation option of 800 euros/edition.