Journal General Program

Swab Barcelona Presents its General Program

Adrián Jorques, Detrás de cada cosa (2023). Vangar. From Home.

In addition to the special sections, SWAB is articulated around two fundamental axes: the General and Emerging programs. These two are designed to offer a global perspective of contemporary art, through established galleries and young spaces, with a particular focus on the inclusion of national projects in the From Home subsection and local galleries in Art Barcelona.

The General Program is dedicated to consolidated galleries that already have an extensive trajectory in the international art circuit. The Emerging section, on the other hand, focuses on young galleries, those with less than five years of activity, and in this edition it integrates 14 galleries. 

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Stephan Idé, Paradies,das (2023). Bloom.
Emerging Program.

Huaqian Zhang. flujo (2024). Dilalica. 
Art Barcelona.

The program stands out for the diversity of its proposals and its glocal character. We have the participation of 16 national and 17 international galleries from France, Georgia, Canada, the United States, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Iran. This geographical diversity makes the fair a fundamental meeting place for cultural agents from different contexts, enriches the local fabric and offers a great opportunity for exchange. 

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Tiziana Tafuri, Moods (2022). Shazar. General Program.

The presence of galleries from around the world in our Emerging and General programs allows us to hear the pulse of young global art from Barcelona.  Each of these galleries brings with them a unique perspective, reflecting the trends and particularities of their local contexts. 

Through its proposals, the program becomes a mirror of contemporary society, where the different currents and movements that are shaping the present of art can be appreciated. 

*Art Barcelona 
**Emerging (less than 5 years)

4710 Contemporary Art Gallery, Tbilisi**

a-topos’, Paris / Marseille** 

Abbozzo Gallery, Toronto

ADN, Barcelona*

Alessandro Albanese, Milan** 

ATM, Gijón

Beta Contemporary, Barcelona** 

BLOOM, Düsseldorf** 

CHAxARTxRTM, Rotterdam** 

Contemporary Cluster, Rome

Dilalica, Barcelona*

ESCAT GALLERY – Casa Granados, Barcelona** 

etHALL, L’Hospitalet*

Galería Fermay, Palma de Mallorca

Galería Fran Reus, Palma de Mallorca

LaiSun Keane, Boston** 

Noaddress, Rio de Janeiro** 

Palmadotze, Santa Margarida i els Monjos*

Pantocrator, Barcelona

Rafael Pérez Hernando, Madrid

Raffaella de Chiricco, Milan

Reiners Contemporary, Marbella

Shazar, Naples

Siddiq Projects, Hamburg**

Sissi Club, Marseille

Soho Revue, London

Split + Neven, London**

STAIN Projects, Palma de Mallorca**

Tempesta, Milan**

Kahmann Gallery, Naarden

VANGAR, Valencia

Yafteh, Tehran**

Zielinsky, Barcelona / Porto Alegre*