Swab Barcelona presents its General Program 2020

Swab Barcelona presents the exhibitors that make up the General Program with a selection of established national and international galleries with a remarkable trajectory in the contemporary art circuit.

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Sagrada Mercancía, fragment of the work “Plan D / Futuro Paralelo Posible” by Víctor Flores

Get to know the exhibitors of the General Program

68 Projects, Berlin

80m2 Livia Benavides, Lima

Galleria Acappella, Naples

ADN Galeria, Barcelona

Ana Mas Projects, Hospitalet de Llobregat

ARTIS Galería, Córdoba

ATM, Gijón

A+B Gallery, Brescia

Carlos Caamaño Espacio Fotográfico, Lima

Embajada, San Juan

Espai Tactel Toormix, Barcelona-Valencia

etHALL, Hospitalet de Llobregat

Factoría Santa Rosa, Santiago de Chile

Gachi Prieto, Buenos Aires

Gallery Nosco, London /Marseille

Kevin Kavanagh, Dublin

Last Resort, Copenhagen

Lily Robert, París

Miranda Bosch Gallery, Buenos Aires

MM Gallery, Buenos Aires

Montoro12, Bruselas

Pabellon4 Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires

Pablo Gallery, Taguig

Palmadotze, SMMonjos – Barcelona

Pantocrator Gallery, Suzhou

Quimera, Buenos Aires

RocioSantaCruz, Barcelona

RoFa Projects, Potomac

Sagrada Mercancía, Santiago de Chile

SGR, Bogotá

SMART Gallery, Buenos Aires

The Blink Project, Valencia

The Drawing Room, Manila

etHALL, “The Disappearance” series by Violeta Mayoral

ADN Galería, “Social Distancing” by Pep Vidal


Meet all the exhibitors and the General Program artists on Swab Thinks 1+1 on our Vimeo Channel.

The 1+1 program are 2 minute clips where the artists and galleries of this edition present a more intimate look at their works, working spaces and processes, making the virtual world an ideal space for interconnectivity.

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Check out all the videos entering Swab Art Fair Vimeo by clicking on the image above.